A Man’s Day #poetry #photography

pink begonia

Eyes that radiate summer

warm my being in the heart of winter

strong arms hold me back

from running toward another mistake

lovingly you embrace me

though I’m a complexity of errors

Like spring’s friend the firefly

you light the way for others

unaware you humbly beam cheer

spinning daily kindnesses

like the ever dutiful spider

who weaves above my doorpost

I am drawn to your window of beauty

prismatic you make another angle

through life’s aperture

sometimes I spin in circles

and marvel at the inspiration

that you with a word place into the sky


man flips a coin

chase his own wild dreams

smooth the way for others


july blue ball018

There are men in our world who are loving, kind, honorable. There are also men those who are narcissistic fiends. I am blessed to know  (and have known) some exceptional men who have made the journey of life bearable. This is dedicated to – well he knows 🙂

Poet’s United Midweek Motif wants to recognize men this week – A Man’s Day.




22 thoughts on “A Man’s Day #poetry #photography

  1. I think many of us have been lucky to have had great role models in our lives. Giving us love, adding to our understanding and helping us grow. I like you last line “Smoothing the way for others”.


  2. This man! a summer warm enough for spiders and fireflys–kindly and lighting the way for others. Wow! And humble too? He would have to be unpresumptuous to be a “window of beauty” and to be listened to. This poem defines respect for me–you to him and he to you. Bravo!


  3. Now you have me curious just who this man is….anyway, he sounds like a fine example of the BEST kind of Man. I think you are both lucky to know one another.


  4. Wonderful, Leslie, and so beautifully written. I love the idea of those summer eyes that warm you in winter, the firefly lighting the way for others, and his placing a word into the sky. Just beautiful.


  5. Enjoyed_!
    __I found some of your words and I thought I’d return them to their proper owner, in their own little web-woven basket .

    dutiful spider
    complexity of errors
    into the sky



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