Frozen Spring #haiku #spring


Spring dreams

ballerina water dance

frozen in motion

ballet hydrangea

 En pointe

hydrangea surrounds the stage

ballerina’s spray

This poem for Poetry Pantry at Poet’s United was written in the heart of winter. The ballerina in these haiku awaits the opening of spring’s curtain.

I am so grateful to Poet’s United for the interview about the poetry book for the orphans of Ebola in Liberia and to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. If you are unfamiliar with these two poetry communities, please check them out.

Submissions are open until June 1st.

The poems being submitted are a beautiful chorus that fit so well together.


29 thoughts on “Frozen Spring #haiku #spring

    1. Thanks dear Ranu. I was trying to create symbolism in the photography which is not easy to do. The hydrangea surround the fountain creating a cloud. The ballerina touches the water so gracefully. haiku is a wonderful place for symbolism if you can get it just right.


  1. Leslie, that top photo is stunning. And I love your poem, as always. I am so happy to know you are receiving submissions for your book. We launched in grand style and I am deeply pleased with the positive response. I am so happy to have been a part of getting this project off to a good start. Yay!


  2. What a wonderful image…i think of ballerinas toes..the pain and effort underlying the beauty like a shoot of a flower trying hard to is up majestically and effortlessly


  3. Beautiful poems and the pictures are gorgeous. Nice to think of ballet as the dance of nature.
    (Hopefully this week, I’ll devote some time to writing something for your anthology. Glad you’re already getting submissions for such a worthy cause.)


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