Time Passage #poetry

wright bro memorial
Wright Brother Memorial

I stood on the edge of the universe

stars within my grasp

reach for them I did

I never thought to ask

nudging my fingertips

a velvety lamb’s ear

in an old forgotten grotto

nature knows she is here

In the expanse of a gallery

the paint is still fresh

though the paintings are old

where I had my first test

hand-picked stone lined path

each flower has a name

crunch of  gravel so familiar

tho I am no longer the same

This place harkens to her footsteps

welcomes me anew

tho time has passed

memories like morning dew

I was taught from before I was able to talk the value of the elderly, the importance of honor, and the lessons I could learn if I listened closely. I am sad for a generation that places so little value for those past a certain age. Because of this attitude, there are lessons unlearned/ history unheard.

There is more reality than metaphor in this poem and a gratitude beyond expression that I hold for those who taught me to reach for the stars.

I’m also sharing a link to rewrite of a fictionalized story of an elderly patient – here

The prompt from Poets United Midweek Motif – “Choose an Elder to honor in a poem…”

24 thoughts on “Time Passage #poetry

  1. She is nature? Certainly an elder! And this poem honors all that calls a child and may teach her, in time, to honor nature: stars, plants, movement, stone, flowers and man-made things.


  2. I love that your elders taught you to reach for the stars, and agree with you, what a shame it is people dont listen to the stories and the history of those who lived through very amazing times.


  3. It’s certainly a challenge for us to share our respect for the elderly with a younger generation who have a different outlook. Necessary though, as they are missing out on so much when they only value youth not experience!


  4. Bravo!!! so true, so true, I feel you I do! the elderly will bless us if we respect them, know how to treat them, oh my. thank you for the great feeling i’m feeling now just from reading your afterword. God bless you Moonie. yay!!!


  5. What I loved about all my grandparents was their unconditional love that they gave me and their many other grandchildren. Perhaps they saw something of them in each of us that would still live on.


  6. Beautiful poem, Leslie. Love the reaching for the stars part. It’s sad some of us don’t appreciate the older generation…always a lesson to learn from every story. My grandparents were always very giving and thought me to have fun. My grandma in particular bought me a GameBoy when it came out 🙂


  7. To roam in their places and to remember conversations, what they shared, what took hold as root stock and developed, what one remembers of their stories – continues.. cheers.


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