Found in the Forest #poetry #photography

forest path

I stop… mesmerized

sunshine reaches down

they’re holding hands

radiance from the ground

I stand… reaching

with my eyes

I soak in warmth

kneel where nature lies

I breathe…silence

listen to holy teaching

never quite the same

for truth I’m always seeking

forest leaf

Sharing with the poets at Poet’s United – Sunday’s Poetry Pantry always has room for more poets to share their work.


29 thoughts on “Found in the Forest #poetry #photography

  1. Makes me just want to breathe it in
    Love the part on kneeling in nature
    It always takes me to a simpler place
    Free from distraction


  2. “listen to holy teaching”–beautiful…..and it goes so well with your title: found in the forest. YES! That is where holy teaching is found, for sure 🙂


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