Beneath the Past #poetry

sf houses golden gate

I touched a place

I hadn’t wandered in a year

my ten-year old me

painful memories so near

I meandered through a wood

it had been too long

I lay beneath the breeze

heard familiar old songs

I looked for a friend

gone too long ago

she reached out her hand

and took me in tow

I visited old people

they fit like a glove

“thanks” a small word

when they shower you with love

I touched a place

I hadn’t wandered many a year

I stood in old shoes

scar’s lessons – need not fear



Poets United Midweek Motif is prompting us to write about Recovery. There are so many forms of recovery. We can recover from physical ailments, addictions, or pain inflicted by others. What does recovery mean to you?






28 thoughts on “Beneath the Past #poetry

  1. How beautiful, image of the bridge and the shape and impact of your words! I love the wood and breeze (reminds me of the pines near the Cliff House) and then:
    “I visited old people
    they fit like a glove
    “thanks” a small word
    when they shower you with love”
    For that little girl to be part of you and accessible (but not in charge) speaks to healing and recovery.


  2. You know, its good to revisit those places. Definitely not to live in them, but even our darkest times have things for us. When we get to the point we can go back to them, and not fear it, or feel so burdened by it – the healing is def well on its way.


  3. What a skilled and insightful poem – sometimes we have to go back in order to move forward…it also made me think of a piece of graffiti near where i live ‘fear makes the wolf look bigger’ – of course when we are young we must do what we must in order to survive..when we are grown with great courage perhaps we can put that wolf back on the other side of the door…


  4. After the passing of some time, sometimes it is good to revisit the past…even the painful parts…and see just how much one has healed since those days! <—That is the message I take from your poem. The last two lines speak reams.


  5. How important to stand in the ‘old shoes’ from time to time, to meet old friends, old memories… to reevaluate the past and get healed by releasing what not serve us any more. Important thoughts, great poem!


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