Crack in the Door #poetry #pain


darkness is cruel

eyes neither open nor close

no feeling in void


inanimate pain

screams stifled behind closed doors

you inflicted this


slap awakens

firefly moment so bright

pin holes of hope


eye’s revelation

light cauterizes split heart

awaits gold of day

dawn waves


Sharing with Poet’s United Midweek Motif – the prompt is Inanimate.


25 thoughts on “Crack in the Door #poetry #pain

  1. The night can be the loneliest place in the world..particularly if we are not safe everything feels amplified and terrifying..i can relate to the relief even the smallest slip of light can bring..and mean (thank you also for your comment)


  2. I can understand the sentiments within your poem very well. A disturbed sleep or daytime, takes its toll and saps energies. I recall many long nights while nursing and wishing the time to pass…


  3. As someone, who lives with PTSD, on a daily basis, this poem speaks more than you realize, to me. My “pinhole” of light, are my 3 feline companions, who have ease my darkness, into the light of day, more times than I care to count.


  4. Your words “You inflicted this” allows the reader to add another dimension to the terrifying darkness and the anxiety that event maintains especially at night. Very well written indeed.


  5. That slap in the night caught my attention. Made me think of abused women and children, and of the way we figuratively hide in darkness waiting, hoping for change.


  6. Separately and together, these little gems evoke a world of fear. Darkness, closed or cracked doors–whatever separates us from knowledge of something so near can do that!


  7. There is wounding and bleeding and pain in the darkness, that only an added pain of a slap and the idea of light that can allow the sunlight to emerge and bring about healing. Wonderful writing!


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