Kids Make a Home #atozchallenge #haiku

As my children were growing up, we had a house with room for our children and their friends to play. We kept our big dining room table open for cards, puzzles,board games. The pool was always ready for Marco Polo, volleyball and diving competition. Our yard  welcomed games of  croquet and badminton.  We often had 20 – 30 kids at one time and sometimes as many as 50. The memories will long outlive the street lamp in the front. My children were all home this past weekend for a late Easter. We stayed up late eating, laughing and playing games.


musee 031

swarms of giggles

one yard, play four seasons

makes a house a home

Do kids make your house seem more like a home?

The prompt at Poets United Midweek Motif is Home.

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge and visiting these folks today:



35 thoughts on “Kids Make a Home #atozchallenge #haiku

  1. Your children had/are having a lovely childhood. I remember those years of children’s laughter so well. I never had as many as 30 or 50 in my house at one time though. I know how much you love children and can well imagine that your house was the place kids loved to be. Yay!


  2. A home is made, when love is the balm that smooth the nicks and cuts, one gets, throughout life, whether or not, you have children. And this love flows, through your haiku.


  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed a good time with your kids. I only have one child and she usually only had a few friends over. Never 50. Nowadays, when my grandkids visit, it sure adds spirit to the house. But, no it doesn’t make it feel more like home necessarily. Just a home being recharged. Nice writing Leslie.


  4. I am sure most of us will have memories such as this with kids playing and laughing that we can look back in with such delight as they have now grown up. Beautiful!


  5. Wow! 50 kids? … or 20 or 30?

    As a nanny I’ve dealt with as many as 15-20 kids at one time, but I can’t even imagine double that. It’s lovely that you had such an open home that kids from all over felt comfortable coming and just being there. 🙂


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