In Life’s Mirror #poetry #uganda #photography

In the mirror of a water bucket I see:

A blur of color

children with bright hearts

flames cannot douse courage

little girls pump, pump, pump

feet steadily move up the hill

“more water”

little heads bear yellow water jugs

school books brown edged

blue chairs too hot to touch

 ashen are next day’s reflections

 parents anxious to know education’s fate

stories told, songs we sang, things we made

in the mirror of my heart

 stout hearts of orphans

 smiles contagious

 over flow of son’s rays of love


Fire rages fierce

days merge breeze takes them away

color filled smiles


Today’s prompt at Poet’s United is “Mirror.” 


22 thoughts on “In Life’s Mirror #poetry #uganda #photography

  1. “flames cannot douse courage”……those lines hit home, as does the vision of those feet continuing to walk for water, to school, towards all the things a child needs that is so difficult to come by for those orphaned by war or circumstance. Yet their smiles shine brighter than the sun.


  2. Your experience is an experience I wish I had, my friend. Good write. I love the photos you’ve included here, showing them in all their glory and beauty. 🙂


  3. Huge issues contained in this one smallish poem! You have mastered the art of ‘showing, not telling’.


  4. A most heart-stirring write, Leslie ❤️especially love; “in the mirror of my heart stout hearts of orphans smiles contagious over flow of son’s rays of love.” Beautifully penned❤️

    Lots of love,


  5. Ah, in Uganda, children’s rights remain the object of an unrelenting assault; the conditions of their existence and survival precarious at best…but, after reading this beautiful poem, their world is awash in starlight! Let’s spin new dreams, Leslie! Love it! 🙂


  6. Thanks for writing and sharing this. My wife and I have adopted 5 children from Uganda, and that country has a special place in our hearts. You did an excellent job of capturing the heart of a very common scene. Thank you.


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