Water #poetry #drought #Uganda

one blue cup each

flows easily through her hands

dry river beds

laughter’s pure reflection

sing song they learn A B Cs


so young to be old

internal Acholi’s strength

Nile clouds my vision


If I share a handful of their giggles, would you share a handful of precious water?

This week’s  Word Press photo challenge is Reflections

and Reflections at Weekly Tanka Prompt


7 thoughts on “Water #poetry #drought #Uganda

  1. Thanks for a nice poem, very sad the way we waste water when so many in the world have very little. At the moment it is pelting down you can’t even hear yourself speak for the echo of it on the roof.
    Thanks for posting, appreciated very much.


  2. Hi Leslie – water essential, rain something that comes with the restless wind … we need to remember how important it is to so many in the world … lovely, reflective words – we should reflect as we open our taps … cheers Hilary


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