Butterfly #children #Atozchallenge


Alive with color

enamoured by this small creature

smile on her face


We use the puppets named Bethany (butterfly)  and Judah (Lion) to help teach our lessons. Puppets have an amazing ability to involve even shy children.

One of the first Acholi words I learned was La Fou Fou (Butter fly)



sharing with Napowrimo 2018 as well


14 thoughts on “Butterfly #children #Atozchallenge

  1. Puppets enthrall young and old alike. And when there is a story being narrated with them, nothing like it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. How colour along with puppets / cuddly toys can bridge such ravines that mankind fails to achieve. Your poem says so much and a pleasure to read.


  3. Hi Leslie – love your first Acholi word ‘La Fou Fou’ for butterfly or flutterbye … and I’m certain puppets would bring a lot of joy to the children … loved the haiku too – cheers Hilary


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