Cheers for Z !!! #atozchallenge


I raise a glass of an elegant bouquet

It’s time to celebrate another great year

meeting excellent people



interesting folks

we may live in different worlds

but we all agree

that A to Z is the best way to spend the month of April

the zebra says “CHEERS”




9 thoughts on “Cheers for Z !!! #atozchallenge

  1. Hi Leslie – well that’s a wonderful find … I thought I’d have some fizz tonight and some smoked salmon – but a pinot noir with a duck dish sounds very appealing … cheers and well done to finishing off – I’ve loved your poems and views of Uganda … delightful – cheers Hilary


  2. Zuper duper way to end this Leslie.
    April feels like a festival of sorts–almost like a celebration of the fact that no matter how different our lands may be, we are all so similar.
    Loved visiting you every now and then and looking at your pics and reading your poetry. Thank you.
    Z is for Zaroorat and Zahrah


  3. I hate missing the A to Z most years. It’s so much fun and the friendships… There’s nothing better than all the amazing people you meet. Alas, life only allows for 24 hours in a day, eh?


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