Unlikely #photochallenge #uganda

Unlikely is this

magenta Fort backdrop

Nile sunset


If you know me, you know I have tried to work in Liberia, No. Africa, Congo and So. Africa.  I never thought of Uganda, the Nile or mosquito netting as my “likely.”


The photo challenge this week is “Unlikely”

These pictures are all taken at Fort Murchison. A beautiful get-away and great place to enjoy an African Safari.


4 thoughts on “Unlikely #photochallenge #uganda

  1. Hi Leslie – looks amazing … so glad you were able to get a break and enjoy Africa … cheers Hilary


  2. This does look like a great place to getaway and enjoy Uganda for what it has to offer. Life can take you down the most unexpected of paths, and it is amazing to read of the work that you with children here. Sometimes it is the place that simply calls to you 🙂


  3. __ Moonie, our silent virtue of love, your work, lingers deeper than another’s noise of pride.

    behind all fame
    you work in the blood of life
    silent virtue


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