Fresh As A Daisy #poetry #Alzheimers

A door is opened

some call it a prison

I am refreshed

you are there

dressed in yellow

your face lights up

moments float like petals

younger times

come to mind

we giggle

I take off my uniform

reminded of a perfect day

in a world

Alzheimers is a not allowed


9 thoughts on “Fresh As A Daisy #poetry #Alzheimers

  1. NEVER EVER allowed.
    In memory of my dad, brave heart who battled with this ugly beast for far too many years.


  2. Hi Moondust Writer – poet extraordinaire … loved this – so evocative and so sad – yes too many get caught in the Alzheimer’s web of end of life … with thoughts – Hilary


  3. forward
    we take that step
    deep within those lost words
    and find thoughts in another place
    more love

    Grand, Moonie_!
    __ Returns of love to those of cared then, and still do; we care. _m


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