Healthy at Home #covid #elderly #atozchallenge

There’s no place like home and at the moment that is where everyone is. From the village (Uganda) to the city (San Francisco) hut or palace people are in their domiciles to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The objective is to keep everyone healthy and for the sickness to curve downward and stop infecting people.

There are (as you have heard) additional considerations for keeping the elderly healthy especially now.

My client Henry has Alzheimers.

“Henry we can’t go to play bridge today; there is a virus that is making many people sick.”

“okay what will we do instead? When are we going to play bridge?”

The stay at home order is rough for everyone. Keeping the elderly safe is the first order of business so what little social life he/she had isn’t happening.

TV is good distraction for the elderly (in moderation). I spoke about some fun and low impact exercises. Gets those muscles moving and gets their minds off the routine that we spent months building.

Making crafts or cookies with a female client would be good. Even if my client cannot make the craft, she can be engaged in the activity.

Keeping the frustration level down, staying well hydrated and healthy is a tall order.

I’m pouring a tall class of cold tea – anyone want a glass?

How are you staying healthy at home?



12 thoughts on “Healthy at Home #covid #elderly #atozchallenge

  1. I suppose you could call my husband elderly (he turned 75 today). He says elderly is 10 years older than your current age. He’s recovering from surgery so today we walked through the Botanic Gardens which are close to home,making sure we avoided any humans. We did face time with family and friends. I ordered home delivery from an Italian restaurant. We sat in the sun and drank coffee on our front deck in the sun. It’s been a good day.


    1. I agree with the over 10 year idea. But in today’s crisis he needs to consider himself at high risk. Good to hear he recovering well. you take care of that man so he will be around for a good, long time.


  2. I’m going for walks, solo, and keeping my distance from everyone else. Otherwise not stirring out at all. Social contact has been reduced to social media/phone, thank god for technology! A-Z is a good way to keep busy too. Once that is over, lots of reading…Take care, stay safe and well.


  3. Hi Lesley – it’s a worrying time … it’s a virus – we should all be working together … doing all we can to help others – protecting everyone … in each and every country – we (each and every one of us – leaders and those they lead) just need to set examples to all – take care and all the best – Hilary


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