Moms and Memory #elderlyissues #atozchallenge

Morning Glory Trail

sun rises with a smile

her hands still agile


We are fortunate my mother still has an agile mind and a healthy body.

As our moms age, we go through denial, look for the person she was, put the remaining pieces together in a way we can deal with.

Many of my clients are elderly women. From Parkinsons, Alzheimers to multiple chronic diseases each makes “mom” more fragile.

The women who tucked us in, helped with homework, fixed  the holiday dinners, never forgot a birthday, kept the grandkids for a week are now in a decline.

I notice many caregiver/kids want their parents to return. They get frustrated when their parents forget memories and forget them.

Memory is a complicated machine. We may not be able to form words around our memories but I think they remain to some degree.

When I give my client her knitting needles, her hands retain memory on the mechanics tho her hands may not be strong enough to hold the needles. I put moisturizer on her fingertips each morning and her fingers remember to make little circles on her face. I don’t care if she misses some areas her hands (and mind) are being reminded of what they do.

Patients whose families continue to provide care (it is okay to get outside assistance this is a 24/7 job) seem to have higher function and they are more content in general.

When we are close to the daily care we don’t always see the connection – but I do.

“Hi mom I had a great day at work. How are you?” A sleeping woman wakes up and a big smile covers her face.

“Hey dad how was your day?” She doesn’t see the voice recognition but I do.

Though they cant always remember names or faces they are able to make connections via their memory.

Don’t give up – your mama is still there lighting up inside each time you enter the room.


Do you have good memories of your mama????

How’s your memory?


11 thoughts on “Moms and Memory #elderlyissues #atozchallenge

  1. My mom died in her 60s — lots of downsides to that but an upside was that we never dealt with significant memory loss issues. My mother-in-law is in her 80s and her memory is as good as mine! The fragility, though, has been brought up in many ways the last few months. She survived a bad autumn only to have to endure this spring of isolation with a constant concern of how to get the help she still needs without risking an infection that she really doesn’t.


  2. Just visiting; I was very fortunate in that my mom didn’t lose her memory before she passed at age 85. Hubby’s mom did have dementia associated with Parkinson’s disease. She forgot a lot but she always remembered her family. That would be hard if a parent didn’t remember their loved ones.



  3. Mothers are the web of lives … our tangled thoughts – mother will prevail. I was lucky with mine – and we had a happy last 5 years … albeit she was confined to bed after some strokes – her mind was with us. Take care and look after yourself – Hilary


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