What Would We do Without Water? #hydration #health #elderlyissues #atozchallenge

Most of my clients don’t need to pump their own water though some are on well water.

I recently got a call from adopted family in Africa. ” My wife is sick and the baby is bloated.There are no resources and no medicine and the hospitals are out of reach.”

Have your wife lay down and drink 6 bottles of water each day and give the baby spoonfuls of water. (clean water )

Dont get me wrong water is not the answer to all our problems but hydration is a huge issue for our health.


Many Elderly are not getting enough water (coffee and soda drinks do not qualify as hydrating fluids). I know a caregiver that would stop all fluids at 5 pm so there would be no night-time brief changes. That convenience puts an elderly person at risk.

Elderly people often don’t drink until they are thirsty. All of our senses diminish with ages so most seniors are not getting enough hydration.

I have seen that clients with a better diet and hydration seem to have higher function.

I am all for health for the elderly. I have had several family members who  were/are chronic illness and drug free into their 90s. They were all active, ate well and water was their main fluid.


I drink about 80 oz of water each day – how about you?



11 thoughts on “What Would We do Without Water? #hydration #health #elderlyissues #atozchallenge

  1. Such a great reminder. Thank you very much.
    I also say a prayer for those who don’t have access to clean water, especially children!
    Best wishes,


  2. We take water so much for granted. Sad that there are so many places where clean water is a luxury when it should be a necessity. The world needs to change and disparity needs to be brought into balance. Good post. Thanks for dropping by mine.


  3. I do take care to drink at least 2-2/12 liters a day. I think we take this resource for granted. It pains me to see people wasting it when so many more have no access to clean water.


  4. kaykuala

    Water the magic revelation! To think a savior at hand is not given the due consideration and importance it deserves is most sad. Faith on its ability to fulfill an obligation is thrown out by the wayside. Perhaps being readily available lowers thoughts on its benefits. Great that you created the awareness, Moonie! How’s the going Ma’am? Stay safe and take care!



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