Seek and You Will Find #poetry

You cant see my toes squish, wiggle in the sand and where the tuba blows Ill whistle with the band you cant know my thoughts though a smile you might see some things can be taught not my giggle and  glee you wont hear the whispered hush goodness daily do I pray God is where I putContinue reading “Seek and You Will Find #poetry”

One Cannon #haiku #memorialday

rough log house surviving century’s seasons feather beds * beneath cool shade verdant battlefield covers scars blood stains * whistling through reeds sun warms each blade of grass soldiers memories …And they fell. No matter the mother’s sorrow or the lover’s tears they could not be revived. Such is the fate of the fallen warrior.Continue reading “One Cannon #haiku #memorialday”

Happy 4th of July #Independenceday #haiku

  fly red white and blue still standing  for freedom nation under God Happy Fourth of July to the United States of America! Autonomy is the one word prompt for WordPress today. What could be more autonomous than a country like America that has always encouraged free speech, freedom of ideas, freedom to create, freedomContinue reading “Happy 4th of July #Independenceday #haiku”

Not Forgotten #memorialday #vets #poetry

  Fill your lungs with tomorrow’s hope close your eyes grasp at life’s soil exhale a bouquet of gratitude for those whose courage honorably spilled precious offering for generations to come Today we celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a day when children eat hotdogs, ride the ferris wheel, cast caution to the wind. It’s a dayContinue reading “Not Forgotten #memorialday #vets #poetry”

Don’t Forget Freedom #4thof July #photography

  America – will never be destroyed from the outside If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves Abraham Lincoln   Lest we forget the heart  marching for freedom Lest we forget dear life that spilt  blood Lest we forget the nights of darkness we will fall prey toContinue reading “Don’t Forget Freedom #4thof July #photography”

America in the Rearview Mirror #poetry

Our eyes met for a moment yours old and scarred mine wanting to rest on your rough boards clear lines have blurred an era’s memories stirred nature is reclaiming the land where you proudly stand change means breaking splintering you and shaking that world which you knew so well  

Freedom’s Wings #poetry #july4th

It’s your moment you look over the edge no words can express the exhilarating dread * what if I fall? it seems I could fail look up at the sky freedom’s wings will prevail * I’ve been taught all I need will it be quite enough? to hold the scepter of truth the first leapContinue reading “Freedom’s Wings #poetry #july4th”

When We Sold Freedom #presidentsday #poetry #loveamerica

  It was bought bravely two hundred years ago Washington ably led us through the bullets and the snow Lincoln spoke for man’s rights it was the Constitution’s stand abolishing slavery giving hope, our Forefather’s plan It was spoken of in the streets and across the golden waves stronger than a concept it ruffled inContinue reading “When We Sold Freedom #presidentsday #poetry #loveamerica”

Friday Feature – Andrew Wyeth #wyeth #art

  Friday Feature is Back this Fall. Enjoy a month of Art!!! After enjoying the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery, I fell in love with this artist. As a student of art (and art history), I have been in love with Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Degas, and several locally renowned artists. Why doContinue reading “Friday Feature – Andrew Wyeth #wyeth #art”

Bent Over a Rondeau #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

  That long forgotten old oak tree bent in abjection’s misery no longer watered by the farm planks torn off  the old wooden  barn an era’s ending not so pretty * A place  once full of life and green where  fledglings flap and  fly  with glee never a worry of their harm that long forgotten oldContinue reading “Bent Over a Rondeau #atozchallenge #poetry #photography”


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