Number 983 #Short Story

“Open to page 983 in Webster’s.” That’s all the cryptic note said. I went to my Merriam Webster Dictionary- New Eleventh edition. The  cover said it had 2000 new words, over 75,000 definitions all clear and precise.  I opened my relatively new, already very used copy. I bought this thing for my writing. I hateContinue reading “Number 983 #Short Story”

Make Me Yours (10DOM – #short story)

He said “Take it!” As I was non- chalantly fiddling with a gum wrapper in my pocket. It really didn’t sound like a suggestion. I didn’t suppose I got a second option. The guy with the tiny mustache, a bit of a joke if you ask me, and the coke bottle glasses had an edgeContinue reading “Make Me Yours (10DOM – #short story)”

The Bowie Knife Mystery (Part One)

“You found what?”  Stewart said to the young man working the loading dock. “A 10 or 12 inch bowie-knife wedged in the sidewall of your rear tire, Sir.” He held back the profanity that was creeping to the surface. Stewart stomped off to his late-model, pearl white Lexus. “I didn’t need this today.” “A doozyContinue reading “The Bowie Knife Mystery (Part One)”

It was over (part three)

Charles sits back reading a magazine and holds a bear when a frame  (like a movie reel) flashes through his mind. There she is , Mae, his beautiful little sister. His breath catches; he loves her so much. He sees her run into the house  at 456 Ivy Court. He quietly peers into her roomContinue reading “It was over (part three)”

It was over … (Part 1 – Short Story)

“It was over before it had begun… ” Mae awoke to these words banging against her head where had she heard them before??? She had to close her eyes to reach deep. Several frozen frames shot by rapidly until they stopped at… There was the frame of a girl climbing up in a tree. ScabsContinue reading “It was over … (Part 1 – Short Story)”

Just a Text

“Damn you,” she clenched her fists wanting to throw her iphone, where she read his last message, against the wall. “Are you really going to just walk out of my life after a text?” They had met on-line. Isn’t that where everyone meets these days? Many things in common: thrill seekers, loved life, hated commitment,Continue reading “Just a Text”

Never Mix Business with Pleasure

It was another late night at the office. I had to get that damned report done and on the President’s desk by 8 am. He always had these last-minute jobs for me. But he had dangled the carrot – the promotion, the bigger office, the fat raise. The coffee was the way I liked itContinue reading “Never Mix Business with Pleasure”

The Cheap Shot

She was driving down the PCH in her red  Mercedes C230. Her mind in fast forward. The walls were closing in on her. It would soon be over as she knew it. Wasn’t it already over? This was it – her last hurrah before the house was foreclosed on, the Ethan Allen furniture toted awayContinue reading “The Cheap Shot”

I Can’t Be Crazy!!!

Alicia had heard enough. This couldn’t be. All she had been told was a lie. “Wasn’t it?” she thought. My life as a mom and wife can’t be over. She would need to be drugged until they could find help. How could this be? Just yesterday, she had delivered her baby boy or so itContinue reading “I Can’t Be Crazy!!!”


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