If Ever… #poem #love

If ever I forget to say the words

my lips will form “I love you”

If ever my gaze wanders in the distance

my eyes will sparkle “us”

If ever my mind is on a journey

my memories are of Africa

If ever I forget the words

I always love you

A late Valentine for so many who have “lost the words”


Ocean’s Cathedral #water #poetry #photography

On the edge of tomorrow

in the middle of the light

there’s a place of singing

in the day and the night

by the waters edge

no need to be alone

a cathedral of the ocean

a crustacean’s home

where all are welcome

no formality here

wear sand in your shoes

seaweed in your hair

God has created a beautiful world for us to enjoy. The celebration does not have an end date. Not with Christ. The Cross took the expiration date away.

So let us enter into this holiday season with Thanksgiving, grateful hearts and admiration for the love of Jesus.

Xanthic #atozchallenge #Ukraine #fiction


As he walked back to the church with a small bag representing all of our belongings, my husband exhaled. Had he looked up, he would have seen the sickly Xanthic (yellow) hues. No one could look up because of things falling from the sky and who wanted to know that chemicals could be adding to the danger…

Additionallly—He didn’t want to think about the Russian Navy that was once again closing in to the Odessa port. How long? he muttered, a day maybe two?

Exasperated, he set the bag down next to me. He plopped himself down and expressed all the pent- up frustrations of the last several months. He held my hand and I listened as best I could. Occasionally, I squeezed his hand which was as much energy as I could exert.

Olga came over to see if I needed anything and walked out again not wanting to be part of his explosion of feelings.

I don’t know how long it went on but he finally wore himself down and crumpled on my mattress.

“Vlad has taken a trip. You understand.” He said to the men. “Not sure but there was a problem.”

Several of the men were from 1991 and stood up. “We go help!!!”

“No entrance for now.” My husband tried to extinguish their excitement.

“We wait then.” Yevhen said.

“Yes and continue runs to Mariople.” My husband looked in the men’s faces.

“Mariople is like Passage. No entrance.” One of the soldiers spoke up. “Some guys still there.” He waved toward the east.

“They know what to do.” My husband said confidently.

“Yevhen, what do the men do now?” my husband looked at Vlad’s newly appointed leader.

“We rest then go back and find way in.” Yevhen walked to the kitchen to get some food before sleep.

The men followed him.

I laid on my mattress trying not to rattle my brain with all the possible outcomes in Mariople and to add to that on the other side of the Time Portal in 1991.

My husband was reading my mind. “Vlad is a trained warrior and I realized so is Valeria.”

I opened my eyes and mouthed “That sweet girl…”

“Yes, sweet girls are having to exercise great courage as they fight in this war and apparently in the war on the other side of the Portal…”

Impressed with the A to Z challenge and the letter X.


The Basics

Clearly Crazy


E- Eavesdropping

F- Friends and Family

G- Grumbling Titka

Hiding in 1991

I – Intensity

J- My Journal

K- Keep Moving

L- Cold Air Lunch

M- Medical needs

N- What Next

O-Out of Sight


Q – Questions

R- The Russian

S- Shots and Sirens

T- Turned Back

U- Uri

V- Vladimir

W- War Torn

What Am I Doing Now? #wordpress #editing

Again WordPress changes to a new form when the original form was the most user friendly. Now we rely on less that says it gives us more. Ha. I’d rather learn code than learn which button I have to press to get to another button to then hit a cursor to then type my name. And code was more dfificult (that was autocorrect)?????? Nope just a learning curve.

WordPress I have been loyal to you for 10 years because let’s face it you have the best offering however you aren’t the only game in town.