Financial secrets of the rich and famous revealed — Ned Hamson’s Second Line View of the News

An unprecedented leak of more than 11 million documents reveals the hidden financial dealings of some of the world’s wealthiest people, as well as 12 current and former world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin.Original enclosures: Source: Financial secrets of the rich and famous revealed via Financial secrets of the rich and famous revealed — Ned Hamson’sContinue reading “Financial secrets of the rich and famous revealed — Ned Hamson’s Second Line View of the News”

Curcumin may help fight drug-resistant tuberculosis | Vaccine News

Originally posted on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News:
Asians have long used turmeric to treat a variety of health conditions. Turmeric also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and potentially anticancer properties. The health investigators discovered that provoking macrophages, which are human immune cells, can fight off experimentally infected cells within cultures. The infected…

Yunnan factory worker survives accident with 99% burns, employer tells family to euthanize him

Originally posted on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News:
A factory worker from Yunnan who sustained burns to 99 percent of his body after falling into a boiling vat of slurry has been told by the state-owned company he works for to take his own life after they stopped paying his medical…

We’re losing Antibiotics of Last Resort: NRDC’s Analysis Unveils the Global Spread of Drug Resistance

Originally posted on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News:
Carmen Cordova, Staff Scientist, San Francisco Every week seemingly brings new evidence that we are overusing and on the verge of losing the effectiveness of life-saving antibiotics. The latest story to emerge was that discovery of a new form of bacterial resistance to…

Christmas Cheer #songs

If I could write you a Christmas song it wouldn’t be too long: Deck the Halls – Who builds a deck in their hall? 12 Lords a Leaping – Gotta be a royalty thing. Frosty the snowman – What would you do if your snowman started walking down the street? Let it Snow – I’m kindaContinue reading “Christmas Cheer #songs”

I Dream in Color #poetry #photography

  You have to admit it never grows old daily beauty I see tho admittedly cold tiny hands that are joined each and every tide drawing lines in the sand lovely never subsides and the children what glee spontaneous in their fun every time its a romp catching ankles in the sun every day is theContinue reading “I Dream in Color #poetry #photography”

No Arms to Hold Her #suicide #poetry

She died again today for the thirty-fifth time my heart relives the day it’s frozen in my mind No one listened to her cries not the ones a difference makes we were still just silly kids this fiend her spirit did break who excuses such an act laugh and look the other way family guilty allContinue reading “No Arms to Hold Her #suicide #poetry”

Nothing can pull us away… #devotion

 Oh the days are hard the path is rocky and my feet are weary where can I go to find sleep? Is there any protection from the sky that is falling trying to enter the reason of my mind? “Nothing can preserve you except…” you hear this over and over “just give in give up…”Continue reading “Nothing can pull us away… #devotion”


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