My Vacant Sky #octain #poetry

The dusk breaks in  my vacant sky

too many days risen and end

no more love in my heart to send


The notes and the ink has run dry

storm clouds form in my broken heart

No longer need to wipe my eyes


The raindrops are a welcome friend

The dusk breaks in  my vacant sky


Thanks to Luke Prater for sharing his Octain form with us on One Stop Form

Photography Gray Day by L. Moon

Fenetra #oneshootsunday

Les Yeux

a Window

an opening to my soul

you saw

further than any human

what did you see?



My Jail!!!



 there is no way

to extract freedom

for there are




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Exercise in Shadorma #poetry #poetryform

These are taken from several archived poems – thanks to Annie for the Shadorma lesson

Her lips move

whispers in my ear

my soul hears

her heart’s words

she beams love into my hands

it says ” I love you”


I can’t feel

feeling awakens

I like numb

A safe place

numbness replaced awful pain

return the numbness!












Against pain

she makes last stand

can’t you hear?

It is you that I hold dear

you aren’t listening










Join us today at One Stop Poetry for an exercise in poetry form – the Shadorma

Forever Love #Triolet #poetry

my love for you forever be

emblazoned in our hearts and minds

Its timelessness will set us free

my love for you forever be

someday it will be you and me

If we can only bide the time

my love for you forever be

emblazoned in our hearts and minds


This is my attempt at my first Triolet for One Stop Form

Stars, Kisses, Lovers all part of #tanka


Riveted to his

her blue orbs sparkle fire

longing for his kiss

rays of hot summer star light

shining upon lover’s lips



I will not forget

our moments under the stars

You danced in my dreams

blue silken scarves and bare skin

eyes twinkled delight those nights


What Home??? (#homeless #poetry)

I’m a tall brunette

what do I do?

I’m looking for work

in  worn leather shoes


Each day at nine

I come from my home

a neat cottage , not mine

I’m the one on the roam


I eat at friends shower some too

darkness draws  nigh

it’s me in the car

kitty clothes and I


you’d look down your nose

yes you would if you knew

I’m homeless I know

what’s it to you?


I have to breathe air

the way that I can

I don’t have money to pay

for  my meals of spam


I scrimp and I save

no there’s never too much

my cat, car and I

we live life and such

There is real irony in this picture. Why? The car I lived in as a homeless young woman was this exact model car. My car did have a window. People don’t always realize there are homeless who live off the system and there are those striving to live. I never held a sign saying “homeless”. I had a job. The money wasn’t enough to pay my college and car loans and pay rent; food was a luxury. People were kind to me – maybe because I wasn’t dirty or scraggly. I understand the plight of these sufferers. It is a painful, empty, looking in at the world  from the outside,  kind of existence. Then I am reminded, my Saviour understood a suffering far greater.

Don Hankins shot this car


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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