Winter’s Song #poetry #haiku #photography

winters song

A day long ago

I tried my hand at playing

spring’s joyous heart’s strings


I played you strong

Celebrating Summer’s Eve

Note’s warmed in moonlight


I heard a soft wail

Cry to Fall’s frigid day’s end

awaiting a song


None left to hear you

Winter’s cold leaves empty score

Notes held fast in ice


Photograph: “”Winter’s Song” L. Moon copyright 2013


Dawn’s Welcome #photography #poetry #haiku

painted dawn

Welcome to Dawn’s glow

horizon’s welcome me

threshold of my home


Welcome to Dawn’s glow

cheerfully lights my way

to the path unknown


Welcome to Dawn’s  glow

a way open to this day

keep me safe I pray


Welcome to Dawn’s glow

a promise of  tomorrrows

bringing you to me


Photography “Painted Winter Dawn” copyright L. Moon 2013

Beauty Overcomes #poetry #photography #haiku

A reflected image

Images meaning

waters makes the words unclear

beauty overcomes


ice crystal

Foul white Winter blast

beauty’s capsule  is in flight

chilled by life’s cold edge

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The Snowflake was shot by yellowcloud ck out more of their work at Flickr

Spin This #haiku #photography #fall

caught in flight

Whirling and it sings

caught perpetual motion

happy in its fall


Happy in its fall

ends must come to everything

beauty ’til the end


Beauty ’til the end

frail brown leaf bands with others

in their resting place

leaf mosaic

Photography “Caught in flight” and “Leaf Mosaic” copyright L. Moon 2012

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