Star Chased Memories Guest Post by Steve Thompson #oneshotwednesday @dreamersteve_99

It is a privilege to have my friend Steve Thompson aka @dreamersteve_99 ( Twitter) on my blog for One Shot Wednesday. “Life is my inspiration.I am a newbie in poetland.Lover of my fellow poets on a journey with dreamers of like ambition humbled by others.”

Hopefully Steve will have a blog where you can read his wonderful poetry soon.



Star chased Memories

by Steve Thompson

Her heart was shaped in a mysterious way,

Every inch a woman,

Yet with a strength uncommon,

Tears were her weapons

She knew time as though it was her brother,

And she spent it on life sparingly,

A little here a little there,

Until men fell at her feet

Every step she took was clothed in fashion,

From head to toe,

Immersed in wonder,

A sacred woman of the night!

She could get inside your skin,

And stretch your insides out,

Sending you home on your knees,

Crying for more

Indeed a memory I will chase forever

For her scent remains,

And my heart and body,

Still left in chains.

Photo credit to Creative Commons and Sudhamshu

The View (Guest post for One Shoot Sunday)


The View

by Sean Vessey

At times,
the destination beckons,
Clear in light,
In mind.

Else time,
my goal obscured,
The road twists away,
Cold endings call.

Endless road,
that does not matter,
What touches the heart

The view
is what matters,
Remember to stop,
For the view.

You, Love,
show me the best of life,
Stop, Live, reflect,
Enjoy you, like the view.

This poem is a guest post by my poet friend Sean Vessey. Check out the other poems responding to the picture prompt on One Stop Poetry

Another MDW Thursday (poetry)

Every Thursday, I am privileged to host Moondustwriter Thursday over at One Stop Poetry. I try to feature poets whose work I appreciate. This week join me in reading two wonderful poets who submitted their work for the fall poetry competition at One Stop.

Always great stuff to read at One Stop Poetry

She Said (Guest Post by T. Kennedy)

It has been awhile since I have done a guest spotlight. Theron Kennedy is a wonderful poet to bring the spotlight to. He is in the process of publishing. Please give him your support. Hope you enjoy.

She said
“This isn’t goodbye but we may lose touch.
You know if the current of our choices pull
us in opposite directions or the winds of our
lives blow so hard we can’t make the corrections.
If you chase your dreams and i chase mine and we
find that its been a long time. When you think back
on the time that we had. The dreams we shared.
The love and devotion we declared. Don’t regret
anything. Don’t resent me for the choices i made.
I won’t resent you for yours. When i think of you i
want to remember your smile. I want to remember
how your lips and eyes look when you were
happy with me. I want to remember us when it
was how love was supposed to be. If we lose touch,
Don’t think this never meant that much.
Because for a moment in time you were my everything.”
He said
“I don’t know what happened to us, but, what i do know is,
I love you and I miss you and I will never forget you.”


Theron Kennedy -Bio:

My passion for poetry was locked in a dungeon until I came across Theron Kennedy’s poems. His poems are addictive. I couldn’t stop myself from reading and feeling his words. His lines are beautifully crafted. Each poem is well versed with amazing metaphors and sweet and beautiful imagery. His words paint abstract yet vivid emotion. He artistically creates nude images and feelings. The intensity of his emotion radiates like energy touching my heart, mind, and soul. His beautiful mind leads me on a journey to his whole being. He remarkably redefines love and its culture. His expression of pain is impressive. Each of his poems is a song.  As I swim through it I see beautiful movies featuring the life of this amazing poet.

Nenita Gutierrez

spotlight photo by Kennematic (Creative Commons Lic)

A Rained on Ghost (Guest Poet – Spotlight)

The rain little more than a dull

trickling, I huddle. I peer over

the curb’s edge.

The puddle of dreams, my mirror

of desire. My fairytale reflection.

I gasp.

I am not there. I am invisible. I

am little more than a shadow. A


A rained on ghost.

© Catt Turner 2010

Inspiration hits at all sorts of strange moments. I can be cooking, cleaning, reading, working, when bang! It’s there and it won’t go away until I stop what I am doing and use it. With this, I was reading poetry when suddenly the idea of being invisible, or not having a reflection hit, and this is what appeared on the page.

Just Say Goodbye (Guest Poet R.S. Mallari)

why do you have to lie?
why make up all those alibis
you just have to say goodbye
let me walk away and cry

you said you love me but,
fine with me, I can live with that
you asked for some space
I heeded and gone back to my place

why do you have to lie?
why make up all those alibis
you just have to say goodbye
let me walk away and cry

a week later I called to say hi
you told me you needed more time
I held back, let you be alone
knowing everything’s just fine

why do you have to lie?
why make up all those alibis
you just have to say goodbye
let me walk away and cry

a month, you haven’t return my calls
confused I am looking at the walls
I decided to surprise you and all
bringing wine and some chicken rolls

but to my surprise you weren’t alone
you were with someone new all along

why do you have to lie?
why make up all those alibis
you just have to say goodbye
let me walk away and cry

two years have passed by
you called me to say hi
telling me you’re sorry and cried
and that you were so blind

it’s all behind me now, I have a good life
now that I have somebody to hold at night

I don’t need to lie
I will not make up alibis
I’ll just say goodbye
let you walk away and cry

Read more of Ronald’s work

Freedom (Guest post D. Holloway)

I held freedom
in my hand,
like a glowing orb
it shone,
in the middle
of nowhere
I stood alone.

Now what? I wondered
and the orb vanished
when I took a step
then reappeared
when I stepped back.

I was finally free
but hungry, cold,
forgotten and alone
and all that time
the orb brightly shone.

read more of  Dave Holloway’s poetry

The World Thru My Eyes ( guest spotlight by Brian Walker)

Sometimes I see the world burning in flames.
Sometimes I hear the agonizing screams of blame.
The world is such a ***** up place even after the embers start to
A million years pass by longer after even humans have ruled.
Everything has changed when nothing has changed.
We were once the rulers of this planet but now we only seek refuge
from our lineage true.
Everything we sought to conquer we now scramble to recapture.
The facets of human history can paint such a bleak scary picture.
We only remain to repeat it again and again.

Alone (Guest Poet D. Holloway)

I like to spot light the talent of other poets. Dave has a gift with words. I hope you enjoy!!!

Small dreams
and less hope,
futility embraces
the weary soul
with crooked finger
points the way to go

to the barren lands
where chiefs once stood
in reverent awe
of raptors flight
relinquishing all
in a noble fight

for what can’t be owned
so it goes unsold,
a majestic creature
worth more than gold,

a fragrance divine,
rivers without end,
I stand alone
cleansed by the wind

Within Four Walls (spotlight poem by Pete Marshall)

Within four walls I felt restraint

That pushed my minds own metaphor

And as my lips began to dry

Her scent entwined across the floor.


– I dropped my stare as shadows danced

And felt those ills that burnt in me

As bile raised to rear itself

My heart felt pain so bitterly.


– But all around were tiny views

That brought back doubts in magnitude

And then I saw the chimney breast

That signalled peace but hid regret.


– And seas took hold in swirling rage

As gifts of love from other’s age

And eyes that winked as acid tore

Whilst ravaged hearts could take no more.


– So when she spoke I heard a voice

That mocked my dreams forbidding choice

And as she threw those words at me

The slate felt cold on withered feet.


– I felt her pain which frightened me

But slowly stood & turned away

I laughed at blame imprudently

Than face the truth we live each day……..


Thanks to Pete Marshall for allowing me to share his poems. please go to his site for more excellent writings

Thanks for the Photo: mysza831


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