School in the Dirt #children #Uganda

“Please teach us,” many children surrounded her.

Her arms were full of folders for a meeting in the hut down the path.

“Yes, of course,” She smiled as she set her things down.

A little boy proudly presented her with a stick that was perfect for writing in the dirt.

“We will start with the alphabet.” She placed her stick in the ground and drew a letter.

“A” a boy called out.

“Very good. Now we must all say “A.”

Several of the children knew their letters very well.

She tried not to frown as the two children a brother and a sister struggled. The teacher knew they had not been in school for some time and it made her sad. They tried very hard and finally got the sounds right.

All the children knew their numbers but addition and subtraction was much more difficult. One boy was very bright with all of his letters and numbers.

The teacher was called into her meeting. She shrugged as she felt that what she was doing was what was important.

Before she gathered her things, she gave each child a sweet.

“Well done,” she smiled.

Each child proudly carried something that belonged to the teacher.

“This is why we are in Uganda,” she whispered to herself as she waved goodbye to her pupils.


See Me? #poetry #uganda #children

I lost my place

my finger couldnt hold

the place in the book

the story that it told

can’t count the days

my fingers arent enough

I play in the dirt

instead of learning stuff

teach me anything

I listen from my heart

I love when you read

we all enjoy the art

dont leave me in the dirt

my clothes begin to stink

challenge my mind

teach me how to think

So many children have been held back from education. In Uganda school is such a privilege. Education helps men and women achieve their dreams.

Zebra #poetry #children #school

You look so shy

you are one of a kind

you wear black and white

my kids wear strips

you run and play

and so do they

kids give us smiles

no matter the size


Children are planning to return to school and some are finishing up their lessons for a break. Parents are all too proud of these lives that make ours so full of joy!!!

I drew a zebra for a friend the other day (not this one by my talented parent). Those zebra stripes take all sorts of zigs and zags but they still join up some where in the middle – amazing how that works.




Doing… And Loving It #amwriting #science #art #children #photography #Uganda

My pen drips fresh ink

formulas for miles

words in proper sync

imagine children’s smiles

I dip the point

drawings lighten the load

sheep “baa” pigs “oink”

new merges with old

words pour upon pad

ideas in a storm

can’t hold what I have

I run out of proper form

my pen drips ink

too fast to catch


 ideas in my head

 drawings pour like waterfalls.

catch …


(and I have a haibun of sorts.)


If you were… #children #fiction

If you were a butterfly would you be friends with a lion???

I didn’t think so.

Personally,I wouldn’t either.  We know a lion who saved a butterfly while she was still in her chrysalis and she saw something about him that others didn’t.

Now this butterfly and (domesticated) lion go about the villages of Uganda teaching children.

If you listen closely, you might hear Judah roar. Don’t be afraid it is the only way a lion knows how to laugh.

Join us (Sean and Leslie) in 2019 as we write the story of the world where giraffes and orabi graze and children dance and sing in the village schools of Uganda.