You Belong in Wonder full #poetry #ukraine

Born to a life

so wrought with pain

none of your doing

Daddy took his life

unable to face another rain


Mommy was floating

on the top of her drink

sorrow pulled her down

like her olive

nothing left but to sink


Natalia you swam

against the tide

so smart

full of hope

striving to be more alive


What they could never attain

dear girl from another land

you took on bravely

soared like an eagle

now come take my hand


I will show you places

feel the universe pull

play with the stars

you belong

in Wonder full

A bit of background: I have been all over the world holding events for children. I am always drawn to the little girls whose lives are a mirror image of my own. The little girl I write about is Ukrainian whose daddy took his life. The small girl grew up in bars until one day her mother was thrown into prison. The woman who is raising her is a babushka ( a grandmother) raising a child with energy in body and in spirit. I am inspired by these survivors who never give up.  They deserve Wonderful!!!


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