Departing the Year #haiku #photography

Today our prompt at Carpe Diem is departing year, and it is extracted from Jane Reichhold’s “A Dictionary of Haiku” … it’s a nice prompt I think and it fits (of course) the time of year … Here is Jane’s example of this prompt:

slow rains

as if leaves were falling
at winter’s end

© Jane Reichhold




over my shoulder

snow blanketed memories

walking away



End of Things Beginning of Others #happynewyear #poetry #haiku #photography

looking forward

pulled toward unknown

where will this tunnel lead?

will I fall?


be turned about?

all things new

a year 

where uncertainty blooms

pick a petal

let it sail on the 

currents of yesterday

blown by tomorrow

no place to settle

change is inevitable

who will I be?

who will you be?

when the last leaf falls

the wind howls

directing our path

swirling us in the direction

who are we to become?


My reflection on the entrance to the New Year is also inspired by the work of Paul Coelho in his work Aleph

Beginning I strive

journeying to make things clear

face to face with my past

Thanks to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem and the year of wonderful inspiration including today’s Aleph aka Alpha