Killing me softly #atoz #flashfiction

a poisonous relationship will kill any free spirit.

the words and intent

too long

angst flow now thru my fingertips

run away from my heart

I urge the poison placed

like acid there for nigh too long


killing who I had been

i air out my soul

i glimpse what I lost

now that I am

myself regained



ing free


Today is an offering of fiction in a mere 55 words a la G-Man.
I continue my quest with other writers taking the  a to z challenge this being the letter “K”

Breaking Up #flashfiction

when living in the box has worn out its welcome where do we go?

It had all gotten so old

conforming had never been my style

I liked self expression

using the broad brush to make my statement

they had pushed me too far

I am after all human

I squeezed into this box for too long

I am getting out of said box and creating a new me

Thank you to G-Man who each week gives us a place to come as ourselves. Happy 55 all!

Photograph – I wish I had someone to attribute to this photo as it was found in public domain

The Senses of Christmas #flashfiction #Christmas

Can you smell it, feel it, hear  it?

Of course I can

It’s the senses of Christmas

Gingerbread and shortbread in the oven

Pine from the tree

Spices of  hot cider congealing

Seasoned wood on the fire

Bing Crosby singing with his smooth as scotch voice

one more thing

Our Family gathered enjoying being together

Wishing all of you a joyous Christmas. A time to celebrate time with friends and family. A special thanks to G-Man who looks upon all his followers as good friends.

The Blade #flashfiction

The tale of the broken heart many different stories always the same result.


“This wont hurt” he said with false assurance.

The blade was sharp and swift.

Before she knew, it was severed – a connection of  beating hearts

His malefic grin bore no shred of concern.

The tears on her face wailed at the blow.

another week to share a moment of flash fiction with friends over at G-man’s place

Thanks to Creative commons and Pikimota for this blade

What she didnt know – he had applied this blade to many yearning hearts.

What’s The Point of the Moon? #flashfiction

Often the moon is said to change people’s moods. This moon soothes the savage beast.

“What is the point? ”

No one answered or cared.

The moon was full and bright.

I scowled at the sky.

I heard in the gentle breeze

“look in the reflection here”

I saw soft white light.

It was no reflection of my feelings

“There’s  a point to the moon” I concluded

It keeps me sane!!!!

thanks to the G-Man  for “sane” Friday Flash Fiction in 55


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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