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Though the moving is hard I like being here in 1991. My husband and I can talk freely and I can write. We have met people who are over a century old. I wish I could just sit down and write their stories. I will try to piece bits together for a novella…maybe. We have yet to meet Anatoliy the scientist who understands the portal. I finished writing in my journal.

“The ships turned back. There was nothing else to do.” My husband told Vlad.

“Those were strong Crimean sailors who stood up against Russian officers.” Vlad puffed out his chest.

“We must prepare for other things. By the sound of his voice Dmitre didn’t sound hopeful for Mariople.”

“We would be too small a force to fight them.”

“And it would be a challenge to get all of you there. We only have two cars.” My husband pointed out.

“We need tank.”

“Who would operate it?” I asked.

Vlad scratched his head. “We will find someone.”

We went back and forth across the portal and were safe each time. I kept looking for the dark eyed guy but he either was gone or was waiting…

When we were in 2022, it was ordered chaos. Many people had fled to the borders and we heard many reports that they were safe. We watched the television very little. It was too difficult to watch smalls towns being bombarded.

“Odessa is safe but not Kherson.” One of the hotels clerks told us. “My titka lives there. I wish she could come here.”

We spoke with our clerk friend. Her store was closed but she was able to sell us several more things. I had taken the t-shirts across the portal. Vlad thought it would be a good way to identify each of his guys with t-shirts from 2022.

Our housekeeper, Svetlana, came in one day with smudges on her face.

“What is wrong.” I put my arms around her.

“Many friends and family are coming. They have nothing. Some are badly hurt. My husband and I are helping our church give all we have.”

“We have a few bandages that we brought when we came and some warm blankets.” I pointed to the pile on our bed. “Can we come with you tonight?”

“Da, Da. Yes, please come.”

Our visit to Svetlana’s church showed us what the days ahead would be like.

Hundreds of people were sleeping in every square inch of the small church. Most were dirty; some had head wounds or major scrapes. Olga the pastor’s wife and I set up the kitchen as the first aid station. I got out my first aid kit and got to work cleaning wounds and bandaging them up. Svetlana and another woman tore up rags that they had boiled so we had enough bandages.

One little boy had gotten a long splinter of metal in his arm. It took some time but we got it out and cleaned it up. The boy was so brave as I worked.

“Did you notice the people had a calm about them even though they have nothing.”

“They have their lives.”

“These people need a full time medic.” I was making a list of things we needed from 1991.

“Supplies of food and water, too.” My husband said in a whisper.


The Basics

Clearly Crazy


E- Eavesdropping

F- Friends and Family

G- Grumbling Titka

Hiding in 1991

I – Intensity

J- My Journal

K- Keep Moving

L- Cold Air Lunch

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“W” Wild Game by Newt Livesay

Poe skull

Maybe this should have been titled ” What the cat dragged in.” If you are stewing over how to get rid of that pesky corpse, a drive into the back country may be worth your while:

A boyhood friend of mine whom I spent many hours playing cowboys, army or camping out in the back yard with lived only a few blocks from my house. His parents were divorced and I spent many hours at his grandparents’ house where he lived. His grandfather had a small fishing bait store that sat on the highway leading to the lake. The area was semi-country with large open spaces between houses. Well one day while playing at my friend’s house, his grandfather came out and told us to find out what the dog was chewing on and go bury it. Seems the dog had been chewing and rolling on a stinky, meat morsel he had drug up from the woods. The dog would come welcome new customers when they drove up to the bait shop, and the smell from him rolling on the chunk of whatever was making people flee. My friend and I get a shovel and went to find the chew toy that Big Red had been playing with the last few days. Finding the doggy treat was surprising to say the least. At first we could not figure out what we were looking at until one of us took a stick and scraped away some of the lawn clipping and oak leaves stuff to its surface of the semi-round chunky treat. It had human teeth!  It scared the heck out of us two young pecker-woods and we went screaming across the yard like little sissy-girls looking for grandpa. A phone call brought the cops, local sheriff, and state police. It did not take long to find the body in the field across the street from the bait store. Seems the possums, coons, dogs, domestic house cats and assorted wild vermin had scattered what was left of it over a couple hundred square feet. The man’s identity was made from the half dozen upper teeth still in the meat ball. With the price of gold now, my friend and I should have spent a few minutes checking his teeth I guess, but that is hind sight and I should have also bought Coke-a-Cola and Wal-Mart stock while I am lamenting.


I am winding up the A to Z month with some handy tips for writers. My very good friend Newt Livesay is deliberate in his research and since crime is his genre he has to figure out a way for his “bad guys” get rid of bodies. Newt did a blog called the body disposal group where these different “pieces” are taken from.

Newt is finalizing a novel set in New Orleans titled: “The Man that Tattooed Women.” This novel  is one part serial killer one part raging hurricane which sums up to a thrilling ride. If you like a book that you can’t put down and you find yourself screaming”RUN”  at the characters, then you will like this story. The novel should be in e-book form by this summer.

You can find Newt at Facebook  onTwitter he is @newtlivesay. If you or anyone you know has served in the military, it is quiet likely that they used a Livesay knife to stay alive. Newt is an excellent writer and a dear friend and I am grateful for the tips he is sharing for the letters T-W!!!


Now for the Disclaimer – This blog does not suggest that anyone should do anything that would be considered illegal. This is a blog for writers to use for research, and as comical relief of a very serious problem. If you do not understand this fully, or you think this give you the rights to commit an illegal act, you’re one sick bastard, and you should seek competent mental counseling immediately.
 All rights reserved  (c) 2015 by Newt Livesay


Wow it’s “W” and A to Z Challenge is wrapping up this week. More A to Z folks to meet:




Chamber “C” #atoz #poetry #napowrimo #art

nautilus 16nautilus_shell_cross_section

In each chamber there is a world

like chapters in a book

each has its own identity that swirls

In each chamber there is a life

like a nursery of chicks

readying for their first flight

In each chamber there is a compass

a spiral direction

the deep’s nautical corpus

embrace the Nautilus shell

imagine the worlds and stories

that it has to tell


Photograph: Stock photo

 pen and ink of a Nautilus Shell L. Moon 2013

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9 (1)


Today is C!!!

This year for  A to Z challenge, I am using the Nautilus as my inspiration all month. The shell has many chambers (at least enough to fit all the letters.)  You will find poetry,  You will find some dark stuff (as I am attempting to branch into the horror genre), You will also see a smattering of short stories or prose (some with children in mind) others as lessons that we can all learn from. I look forward to  meeting you and getting to know some talented writers over this month long writing journey. Please check over at the A to Z challenge and see what they are up to; they are a fine bunch of folks.

Bridging Beginnings – #atozchallenge #photography #napowrimo

large knot

In the beginning

there was a strong oak

his arms held many families

birds, squirrels liked him the most

he had a woodsy voice

that caught on the breeze

carried far

over fields and streams

a young  sapling

grew alongside

she was strong, willowy

and lithe

her voice was like springtime

all the year long

and the big oak

he loved her

sang her many a song

 they grew near together

were entwined arm and arm

he was her strength

she possessedwhatever 259 many charms

an ax came and struck him

hard on that day

his wood began to shudder

her arms began to sway

the ax man shook his head

he decided to cut the two

they had so grown together

nothing else

was he able to do

now he bears up a handrail

to a very important bridge

she holds his hands

as they in the forest did

our bridge

Also “B” is in thanks to the founder/ idea originator of the A to Z challenge Arlee Bird. Arlee is not only an excellent writer but an encourager of other writers. I know he delights in meeting people during the challenge and during the year. Check him out over at Tossing it Out.

a-to-z-letters-bPhotography L. Moon copyright 2013


Another chamber as the Nautilus fills….

Illness of the Mind #shortstory #mentalillness

“mental illness” the doctor said shaking his head noisily.

i was still young and wondered if something was rattling in his head.

after all she sounded more logical than he did and her head certainly did not rattle when she shook it.

but “that” would explain the voices she heard in the middle of the night.

“she must be sedated. she must be contained.   … put in a place for her safety.”

“quiet!!!” I said to my head that was starting to rattle.

“for the time being she is safe,  she will be under my care” I stated emphatically amidst the frowns and rattlings.

in time she removed herself from society and whatever cacophony of sound there had been was relieved by the sound of the birds and the animals that sought the peace in her gardens.

one day I removed myself to the gardens for some clean air and thought.

“they have been poisoning you for years” she said without nary a comment on my part

“how did you know?” I had known for some time myself.

“i can smell it and the voices told me.”

“breathe the air here and in time your head will cease to rattle.

in three months I was clear

i fed the creatures from my hand during my hiatus

the voices started going away

when I returned I found it

well actually them:

an inconspicuous bottle with an ancient name written in Latin

at her house  i read the book that had told me about a poison used on a fictional character using this  same substance

and the book titled ” convince them they are mad ”

i got a call from my husband’s doctor “time for your annual checkup”

i knew if I stopped hearing the voices telling me to flee  i would be out of my mind


Reflection #atozchallenge #sanfrancisco #napomo


A solitary figure looking

listening for you in the silent waters

For one moment I heard young  laughter

inspired by you


a much younger me

You  robed in wisdom

crowned in silver

we dance and sing

fairies from a younger time


discovery of cherished yellowed memories

reach into the blue

trace the reflection of you and I

ripples of giggles

I harken to new sounds of glee

grateful for the cycle of life

standing still I embrace you and I

at the Palais


It has been a joy to look into the reflection of the work of others over the past month of A to Z challenge where there are rare and beautiful treasures (writings and people). Please enjoy a memory that I pulled from a reflection into the past.

Photography: Palace of Fine Arts L. Moon 2010 ( believe it or not that is an iphone shot)

Meet me at the Quad #atozchallenge #stanford #flashfiction

The note was cryptic all it said was:” meet me at the quad.”

“The Quad” I mused where so many discussions had taken place.

As scientists, we had seen the world through a different aperature

viewed things few would ever see…

“Who is it I am to meet?” I stood looking at a name in stone.


The Stanford Quad is an historic place for myself and many others. If your know anything about Stanford University as an institute for higher learning it was ( and is ) the place where rules were broken and new discoveries emerged. I am going to break a rule and extend this story into next Friday Flash Fiction 55. Please forgive me this one time Mr G.

I am also submitting this piece to the month long A to Z challenge that I am part of. Today’s challenge was “Q” and coming up with a Q was a challenge…

Running Friends #parable #running #AtoZchallenge #children

There were two friends. They were similar in many ways. They were both very good runners.

They would get up at 5 each morning and spend time together running.

Running was so wonderful; they both decided  to run in a race.

The two friends entered and they tied which was no surprise to any who had known them.

The newspaper wrote about the two friends as they were the fastest runners.

They ran more races.

They always tied.

One friend was happy to run for the fun and friendship.

The other friend secretly cut out each picture and article from the newspaper.

One friend  wanted to be better than the other.

she had friends do mean things before meets to her friend.

once – something was put in her water that made her sick

one person tripped the friend. she ran with bruises and a headache.

Her attitude never changed.

She was happy when her friend started winning.

The other friend was bitter and resentful of her friend

The mantra “Winning is everything” filled her heart

The friend loved racing and met others who she could run with for the joy of running

the other friend in time lost most of her races

She came to realize her friend had made her look good

without her she was a loser

Parables are valuable ways to learn lessons without directly informing another of a personal “failing.” Parables are tools to train children; Jesus told parables to teach adults who were unable to look at themselves honestly. This parable is in part true as it reflects two friends of mine who were brothers. One brother was a talelnted singer the other younger brother became a state champion (runner). He never cared that the papers wrote about him week after week. The older brother could not stand the fact that his brother was better known publically than himself.
I am a published children’s author. In my writings, I have written booklets for children with lessons or parables written in short story form.

In Love with the Moon #atozchallenge #napomo

The young adventurer gazed from terra at this beautiful silvery orb and wondered “what does she look like up close?”

For years he travelled far and wide grasping glimpses of her from many cultures. This he knew she was beautiful, lithe, elusive, she changed many times in one month, and at times disappeared from his sight altogether. He wondered what she would look like up close.

He would lay under her on warm nights and as he slept he would dream of a woman in a gossamer gown. She danced for him always out of his reach; she had a beautiful voice neither high nor low in pitch. In the deepest part of his sleep, he could hear her speak. Unusual was her speech but always he was embraced by her smooth whisper.

Come with me and dance this night

there is a lady just out of sight

a woman alone tho far away

grasp for her arm

perhaps she will stay

come with me and dance this night

through the galaxy let us take flight

open your arms

I will spread my wings

speak to me of love and other things

come with me and dance this night

too soon for lovers the sun makes his light

He groaned as he awoke from a very sound sleep. His skin tingled as tho he had been touched by her fingertips. “Please come to me tonight dear lady for I am willing to take flight,” he called up to the faint outline in the sky.

He followed her around the world and back for he wanted to know every aspect of her. She seemed to taunt him but he never gave up trying to dance with her at night. There were a few nights when he almost took flight.

His breaths were jagged now and he knew it would be soon.

He heard a voice strong and lusty. It was his gossamer clad lady come for. “I am ready to take flight at last” he murmered from crusty lips.

Come with me and dance this night

hold me darling I’ll hold you tight

for all the years I’ve waited for you

waiting for us at last is through

take flight…

Lovely Lady #atozchallenge #poetry #spring #theater

Her name spoken softly in a whisper brought a hush to the room.

Like a swan shyly opening her wings Calla enters from stage left.

diamond like tears glisten as beholding such beauty evokes this emotion

In velvety white, the audience’s aww is hushed by the entry of a shadow that removes oxygen from the room.

The phantom swoops in on Calla crushing her in one hopeless  instant.

One and all gasp feeling oppression, darkness

A  sadness fills the room at  the thought of beautiful Calla’s  brokeness.

light fails to emit from the corners of the room


A colorful poppy clad girl pranches center stage

She wistfully brushes Calla on the forehead with a kiss as she is swept away by a tropical breeze.

Calla tilts her face to a radiant orb.

Too hot for many Calla welcomes his strength.

No longer white nor pure Calla feels beyond love as she is wrapped in warmth

The sun booms forth a deep chuckle as the red and orange curtain closes.

All that remains is light that cannot be contained

Photography LMoon copyright 2010-2012