Survival #bwphotography #wood #haiku


around a corner

twisting to see the sun


snow dust


The trunk of the top plant amazed me as it turned around almost two corners to get to a stronger light source. This is my black and white offering for Cee’s Black and White – “Wood”

Lover’s Dance #valentine #poetry #photography

love me calla

Gentle mist upon my forehead

covers me with diamond dew

fragrant kisses call me softly

velvet points our pas de deux

Let us dance upon the four winds

impassioned lovers take our cue

when night’s curtain is a falling

dearest, hold me near to you

Photography:”Love me Calla” copyright 2012 L. Moon

I had to pull an archived romantic poem for lovers today!

Filtering your shots #photography #dphcallenge

Believe it or not each of those is a different filtering effect from Picmonkey.

I think landscapes can benefit from all these different filters.

I have to say I normally just clean up my shots with contrast and maybe a little more light.

Would love to know what filters you use and what photo-editing is the most helpful for your photography.

The WordPress Daily Post Photography 101 prompt for today was using filters. Daily Post has a challenge for everyone whether you get involved daily, weekly or monthly it’s worth a shot.

Photo-challenge-juxtaposition #photography #poetry

next to each other

strange pairings


sharing the same field

similar and dissimilar

different kind of beauty

as you stand side by side

This weeks DP photochallenge is juxtapostion. I hope the different shots show two uncommon things creating a beautiful image.

Memories in a box #haiku #photography


All that remained

she lived in another time

memories in a box


memories in a box

one night set free

no holding back ghosts

reminders not needed

the world could see

The prompt at Verse First (hosted by Kim Nelson) is Ghosts, Spirits, Scares. I hope you feel the presence of a ghost  in my verse today.

We were instructed to write in 31 words or 31 lines in honor of October 31st. I chose using the haiku and tanka to write 31 lines.

Tanka:  is written by one poet and not by two (as is the echo form of the Tan Renga) the syllables count is: 5-7-5-7-7

weekly photo challenge:infinite

The Word Press weekly photo challenge prompt this week is infinite. What do you think of when you hear the word Infinite?


when you look past

where  your feet can stand

when your imagination

takes you to distant lands

there are too many to count

on fingers and hands

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In The Shadows #photography #blackandwhite #poetry

between the linesFor in the shadow

of life’s great hall

there lingers

just past our sight

the thing

that we can only see

in our dreams


worse yet

is when it creeps


our worst

of nightmares

and beneath dark fiends

we fall

The Theme this week  for WordPress weekly photo challenge is foreshadowing. The writer, artist, or photographer can take a rather ordinary image and with a bit of tweaking can change the impression. The uncropped rendering in color is quite different as a peacock in the foreground has proudly unfurled his glorious tale. I hope you sense the foreshadowing of doom in this black and white

Photograph: “Between the lines” © L. Moon 2013

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Looking Up #photography

Cali Farming
bw reach
Air Force Memorial

bw vine

Thanks to Sonel Corner for the Black and White “Upward” photo challenge.

Photography: Windmill, Reach, Vine, View from a ball © images by L. Moon 2013

Would love to know which is your favorite shot!

Creative Conformity #poetry #photography

What happens to creativity when forced into a box of conformity ???

brick and dead leaves

we strive in our heart’s passion

set the prisoner free

words edged with fire

brush strokes flair in action

notes collide on music’s sea


we survive lacking passion

bend the captive’s mind

tread water in muddied pool

a box an artist’s prison

society’s claw creativity to bind

photography: “Leaf the bricks” ©L. Moon 2012

The Specter of Old Age #poem #photography #elderly

what is left when aging takes it all???

The invisible specter
a master of fate
stealing vitality
weakness is the new state
clouds of  gray creep in
altering a once comely face
 the mirror an enemy
unrecognizable left in its place
the crafty meddler of the mind
spoils often the richest chest
scattering knowledge to the breeze
putting memories to the test
The specter takes everything
frailty and uncertainty remain
bent, gaunt, colorless, shell
a shadow is cast over nothing
I revived this piece from one of the original poems I posted on this blog. I wrote this while working as a private duty nurse for a dear lady of 90. I loved the bits and pieces of the word that I got to see in spite of the Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is devastating for the elderly and their families – one reason I cherish each moment I have with aging family members. Hug a family member today ~ just because…
This poem is selected to share with a wonderful and lively group of poets at Poet’s United. The Poetry Pantry give a weekly opportunity to share a poem you have written – join the fun!

Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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