There are so many forms of rejection. As a writer, the most common form of rejection is when your work isn’t picked out from among the crowd. Rejection in any form has a sting. No one welcomes rejections – that is a certainty. Divorce is like a prism of rejection. There is so much rejectionContinue reading “Rejection”

Facets (this is half blog half poem or a bloem)

Ever look at the many facets of a gem? pick up the angles in perfect symmetry light cascades off the jewel the end result a radiant beauty *** What about the many facets of life? Life starts out in the small perfection of a child The child continues to grow Light reflects off life AnglesContinue reading “Facets (this is half blog half poem or a bloem)”

Land of nuts, fruits, and cows – a blog

I live in the land of Ag or Agriculture. I wasn’t born here- I was born in a big city. Don’t get me wrong- I had plenty of experience feeding the chickens and mucking out stalls as a kid. I drove by the almond orchards this morning. The pink and white blossoms are intoxicating inContinue reading “Land of nuts, fruits, and cows – a blog”

Dickens – ya’ Digg?

What would writers of old do with this new technology? What would Victor Hugo have thought of Twitter? Would he be following 10,000 by now or would he say “the ____ with those bird people.” One of my favorite writers is Dickens. What the Dickens would he do with Tumbler other than to mix aContinue reading “Dickens – ya’ Digg?”

In the arms of those you love (Comfort) a blog

Comfort When do you need comfort? You just got bad news. A family member or friend is sick or dying. Your child is in the hospital. Today I held a friend and cried. Women do that. We cried in sorrow of what happened and celebration of what could have happened and didn’t! My daughter wasContinue reading “In the arms of those you love (Comfort) a blog”

Love Hurts ( losing a friend to cancer)

Romantic at Heart I am a romantic at heart so my poet friends tell me. I never really thought about it before. Something I do know about myself is that I pour my life into lives that are suffering, hurting. I’m a nurse so I guess it helps to have a big heart – sometimes.Continue reading “Love Hurts ( losing a friend to cancer)”

Coach Cooper (little car with a big heart)

Hi I’m Coach Cooper and I am in the process of putting together a series of stories for children. As a mini-cooper, I know about being different. Those big trucks always make me feel insignificant and out of place. Not to worry I’ll stay off the roads and go to the baseball diamond where IContinue reading “Coach Cooper (little car with a big heart)”

An Incredible “I” (a blog)

I – now what? Ok so the “I” for my week is Incredible!!!! It is barely one week into 2010 and it has already been incredible. I like that word a lot. What isn’t there to like unless you are “incredibly sad” – which I am not! So why Incredible you may ask???? Got anContinue reading “An Incredible “I” (a blog)”

Blogging when sleep deprived

Best Blogging When is your blogging the best?  Do ideas surge from your mind at the beginning of your day? Maybe you blog best when the day is coming to a close and life is quiet. It’s possible that you blog best when your life is in a frenzy. Have mobile phone will blog. BloggingContinue reading “Blogging when sleep deprived”

“Insight” to begin the New Year

The “I” s have it. or they will in my life in 2010. What is it about the words that start with “I”? I promise you it is not intentional that I keep running into a wall of  “I”s. This one just came at me while I was reading something a poet wrote. It’s insight.Continue reading ““Insight” to begin the New Year”


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