Cover Art #dpchallenge #photography


Can you imagine the cover art to your next book?

I have- I even have the back picked out.

The front is the smiling faces of Liberian children and the back is a the back of a sand filled canoe paddling away (also Liberian).

What makes a good cover? I think if your cover can draw the reader or listener in then it’s done its job.




  My Three books would be entitled:

 1-Catching the Wind

(Poetry inspired by the High Sea)

2- Died Red

( horror mystery you choose)

3 – Tying the Knot – for lasting relationships

(self-help or murder mystery )


The WordPress Daily Challenge this week is Cover Art.  imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine.

This was way too much fun!

And here are some creative covers. Who knows you might find a cover designer for your next book!

To the Future and Back Again #poetry #childhood #dpchallenge

magical book

When as a child

where did dreams with you fly?

did you ride dragons

 were you a double agent spy?


Did the Orient Express

carry you in style?

 were you philosophic

 pondering life all the while


Did your nose always

end in books

where you followed wizards

hobbits with the name of Took?


Would you see the world

from outer space

or march to a drum beat

always in place?


Over electron  microscope

did you faithfully stand

peering beneath cells

the smallest though very grand?


No matter the consonant

or silent vowel

the dreams you dreamed

awakened in willowed hollow


The life you lived

is who you’d be

time to dream again

try it you’ll see


The wordpress daily post writing prompt for today is Future’s Past.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

Well honestly I haven’t stopped dreaming yet.


What’s Your: Perspective #photography #poetry

Looking from your side

of reality

what do you see?

He sees


I see


Does it matter the angle

 require a dodge?

Is perspective the viewer?

the critic my dog?

At Word Press Daily Post an excellent and fun prompt  Perspective

weekly-photo-challenge-layers #photography #poetry

Between the pages

my words are captive

you’ve seen them

thousands of times

but did you know

they were mine?


My eyes seek

Beyond the layers

boxes, cubes

flat and round

plants, glass, concrete

reaching for the sky


Reflection’s sea

silence is frozen

in a watery world

today you are a mill

tomorrow a waterfall

what the imagination finds

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Captivated by another place #poetry #photography


In the world of trees

when not as high as your knees

I sang a song

nature sang along

In storms and gales

I’d raise the sails

the salty mist

was my first kiss

by light of  books and art

I’d play my harp

and dream of places

magnificent horse races

the places I love

are rapturous above

and far below

where beasts bellow

The imagination vivid

where I’ve oft lived

where worlds unfold

endless stories told

This poem inspired by Sherry over at Poet’s United her prompt today “A favorite place you love”

poets united

Photograph: Life of a tree © L. Moon 2013

They were Pink #flashfiction #newcago #noir

claire-fuller library

They were pink,  moist and plump.

Her eyes were violet and they sparked like firecrackers.

‘Oh Lily Baby…”
“Stop you fool!” You can’t think about her; it will be your ruin and the city’s.


It had to be here in her library.
Lily had been the source keeper for OldCago.
She had tried to tell me what she had found. Maybe that’s why she was killed.

The old ways written in one of these books has the power to break the machinations of terror occurring on our streets – it has to be here or all of NewC ago is doomed

“Where are you?????”

Every week Rocelle Wisoff-Fields host Friday Fictioneers. This is a delightful group of talented and encouraging writers. Have a peek at the talent beneath the page. Today’s prompt is the picture of the library taken by Claire Fuller


Every week based on the prompt I am writing a (noir) serial about a detective in a place called Newcago who tries to round up the bad guys at night. The stakes are just raised with the introduction of  the automated Doom Cycle; crime just got harder to fight and the one person who could help him is dead.

Week 6 In Newcago Serial You wasps

Week 5 in Newcago Serial The Doom Cycle

Week 4 in Newcago Serial Helpless

Week 3 in Newcago Serial When the Lights Go On

week 2 in Newcago Serial  Can’t Kill The Thirst

Week 1 in Newcago Serial Secret Weapon

I loved a girl

I loved a girl

She wasn’t pretty or fair

I’m not even sure

of the color of her hair


I read her on paper

that’s where I would see

a portrait of words

quietly enfolding me


A journey of sorts

is where we would go

nowhere had limits

places high- places low


I loved her because

she opened my eyes

to a world without speaking

no barriers- no lies


We never got closer

than Jupiter and Mars

but the fire in her eyes

drew my heart to the stars

Photo: Thanks to Miss Turner


navicore /aka Ed Sweeney


Tweetin’ Donuts and Social Media

“Twitter represents a gold mine of marketing possibilities, but the vast majority of firms haven’t figured out how to transform those 140-character tweets into sales.” (or so the folks  at are saying)

Ok ~ I’ve been stressing that thousands of people aren’t buying my book (YET)! I realize I am not alone. Only 35% of Fortune 500 companies are on Twitter. Don’t they have marketeers to do their marketing magic?

For those of you looking for the answer on how to do this Twitter marketing thing successfully- look up to the Dunkin’ Donuts icon on the cyber skyline – they apparently are doing something right when it comes to marketing using Twitter.

My writer friend Claude Bouchard @CeeBee308 should be proud – he has more Twitter followers than Dunkin’ Donuts. How are book sales Claude? Maybe a donut would help.

I’m learning- my first giveaway will include not just a book but coffee and a doughnut.

Want to read more about Dunkin’ Donuts marketing on Twitter? Go to:

Thanks to Salim Virji for the photo


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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