This Too Uganda #haiku #lifeinUganda

orange, brown, yellow

moody grey summer clouds

banana leaves wave


doors and bed frames

Uganda flowing color

highway cattle drive


pine forests

rich red soil on my sole

jagged rocks


boys on a journey

Nile a final destination

honk, honk


cool African breeze

five mud puddle splashes

big white smiles


sharing the loo

we dont see eye to eye

dairy cow dung


I really never expected to share the loo with a cow before.  Wish I could have snapped a picture. Boys are the same in any culture; when dad’s away they are looking for a little adventure (his car perhaps.)


Look at Me #poetry #photography


you cannot  measure it, I know

nor can you wield  like sword or pen

tho fingers long to take, possess

it’s elusive now and then

aspire to  greatness, it is gone

turn your back and then it stays

for those out front and thespian types

it dances and it plays

why you so eager,  trap and grasp

success within your hand

for those with truly many gifts

never see its feathers fanned

then grasp now to what you will

look at  days for all they are

for you much treasure may you see

holding life,  a child, shining star


Today’s prompt at Poet’s United Midweek Motif is success. Is success within your grasp or do you reach for other things???

The Ghosts of Battles Past #poetry #Veteran’sDay #tribute #photography #ghosts

“Forward men”

we heard the call

the plodding sound

a thousand boots

to bloodied ground fall


“March on”

boys cadenced

in a an old tin song

others called out

“how far how long?”


The days and nights

we felt their need

had barely food

no time

 urged upon speed


we hide away

while they must fight

sabers flash

 blue and grey

the colors clash


I hear your voice

through early day

sweet farewell plea

“mama I’m coming”

life dearly paid


They march on

those soldiers do

reverie’s ghosts

tho for these

the battle’s through

This poem is in Tribute on this Veteran’s Day to the boys who fought in the many wars including the war between the states. We see their ghosts in the battle field mist – still…

Photograph: “Battle Cry” L. Moon copyright 2012

The Boy Who Knew …

I ‘m an average boy

two arms two legs

and a mind that can …

…Take me for a ride to the moon

tame a wild black stallion with my voice

fearlessly ride on the back of a T-Rex

all this morning’s choice

In the afternoon …

I am a cowboy on a long dusty  trail

a sailor tied to the wreckage of my ship

a man-eating tiger out for an evening stalk

a tightrope walker my feet never slip


…In my dreams I go places do things

reach the highest heights

and then tomorrow

I do it




Dedicated to:

… my dear friend with Aspergers who is sooo intelligent and at 7 is harassed by other boys because he knows too much. I know where he goes in his mind – I want to go there with him.

Today on MDW Thursday, I am featuring Jason Bourne. This poem is dedicated to Jason and others …

That Certain Song (a poem)

That certain song

song from the past

takes me back

to a  feeling

when life was fast


Back to

those wild days

my memories revert

those boys

their so crazy ways


He was in the Navy

magical eyes of blue

Weir wolves of London

the song we knew


There was the athlete

sports car good looks

“Round About” by Yes


while we cooked


Then there was

“too hot”

what more could I say

“Sultans of Swing” – the Mustang

carried me away


Finally the man

who stole my heart

loved jazz

to him it was art


George Winston

the master

seasons said it all

one was my favorite

we married in the Fall

Photo: Stevecardman

License- Creative Commons