Changing Weather #winter #photographychallenge #haiku

snow crystals

under the bridge

cold crystals meet

dreaming of spring

Cee does a wonderful black and white photo challenge this week the topic is Weather.


Where Leadeth Tomorrow? #newyear #haibun #poetry

4157929_orig bridgeA way lit to tomorrow

shadows frown from yesterday

a foot on crooked path

will it lead me astray?

The questions I’m hearing

hammer in my head

where am I going?

to what has this led?

I must strive ever forward

too late to look back

sun light is coming

awakening my track


bridge of unknowing

shadows block the way

rays warm tomorrow

I’m taking a shot at the Ligo Haibun Challenge.  This haibun is a combination of prose and haiku based on the prompt of the photograph.

weekly photo challenge:infinite

The Word Press weekly photo challenge prompt this week is infinite. What do you think of when you hear the word Infinite?


when you look past

where  your feet can stand

when your imagination

takes you to distant lands

there are too many to count

on fingers and hands

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From Above #photography #wordpressphotochallenge

River Bridge – L. Moon
Twin Shadows – L. Moon
Down the Drain – L. Moon
Sand Ripples – L. Moon

I love angles so this weekly photo challenge from WordPress was perfect “From Above”

Weekly Photo Challenge – “Change” #WordPress #photography #poetry #napowrimo

Change can re-route our present and our past


I look upon this place
now touching its past
a bridge traversed
where waters ran fast
they’ve re-routed life
though they wouldn’t say
too long to wait
no time to stay

This is a photograph and poem inpsired by this week’s WordPress photochallenge – Change

Photograph: “Angles” copyright L. Moon 2013

Bridging Beginnings – #atozchallenge #photography #napowrimo

large knot

In the beginning

there was a strong oak

his arms held many families

birds, squirrels liked him the most

he had a woodsy voice

that caught on the breeze

carried far

over fields and streams

a young  sapling

grew alongside

she was strong, willowy

and lithe

her voice was like springtime

all the year long

and the big oak

he loved her

sang her many a song

 they grew near together

were entwined arm and arm

he was her strength

she possessedwhatever 259 many charms

an ax came and struck him

hard on that day

his wood began to shudder

her arms began to sway

the ax man shook his head

he decided to cut the two

they had so grown together

nothing else

was he able to do

now he bears up a handrail

to a very important bridge

she holds his hands

as they in the forest did

our bridge

Also “B” is in thanks to the founder/ idea originator of the A to Z challenge Arlee Bird. Arlee is not only an excellent writer but an encourager of other writers. I know he delights in meeting people during the challenge and during the year. Check him out over at Tossing it Out.

a-to-z-letters-bPhotography L. Moon copyright 2013


Another chamber as the Nautilus fills….

Under the Bridge

Nowhere to go

always alone

day after day

sitting on a stone

what’s that sound

no one comes here

voices -not sure

now what? oh dear!!

Never heard that

what is that sound?

troops marching?

where are they bound?

Goats – can it be?

a noisy bunch

might be tasty

hmmm -what’s for lunch

mind my own business

is best to do

never know

who’ll end in the stew

Faith & Entropy

Gud skaper noko nytt ved sitt Ord og sin Ande, vi kan ta imot det i tru og få oppleve at han gjer sitt verk med oss. Hans skaparkraft verkar konstuktivt i våre liv og skaper noko som er verdifullt for oss. Naturkreftene verkar nedebrytande, i fylgje entropilova, men Gud er Ånd og det som er født av hans Ande består. Jesu frelsesverk er fullbrakt og fullkome. Han er den siste Adam, som er ifrå himmelen og som for oss har vorte ei livgjevande ånd. Han gjev oss den Heilage Ande frå himmelen av berre nåde. Han gjev oss det evige livet.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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