Broken Not Forgotten #pain #poetry #photography

I couldn’t pull away today your pain a wound made fresh why not tear my flesh away heart a tear stained mess you tore the sinews of my heart its that way for her too my children look with longing eyes brown eyes are turning blue I couldn’t pull my heart away  your pain isContinue reading “Broken Not Forgotten #pain #poetry #photography”

Puzzle Me #atozchallenge

jagged edges of this heart unwilling to fit where they’re torn you forced them once into place fractured now and forlorn I dare you, pick up a piece recognizable pattern no more place kindness next to an edge  it may still welcome the warmth The jig saw puzzle has a curious character. Like a personContinue reading “Puzzle Me #atozchallenge”

Broken Elevator #poetry #valentinesday

haunted by a memory of an elevator ride my heart torn in pieces carved with a sharp knife if only I could grasp some meaning in your eyes I wouldn’t have to work at reading between the lines here I am in motion imagining your kiss the thorns from a rose pierced me on theContinue reading “Broken Elevator #poetry #valentinesday”

Waiting for You #poem (One shot Wednesday)

I sat looking Waiting Hoping for One last glimpse of us *** There we were on our bench the picture so clear sweet summer fragrance eyes only for each other *** You held me tight beneath the maple trees emanating warmth even in the fall breeze *** Words they heard in our lover’s embrace carefully conveyedContinue reading “Waiting for You #poem (One shot Wednesday)”

Turn off the light when you go (poem)

Put away the light I can no longer look at rejection it’s scars are everywhere * The day you walked out the sun refused to shine bilious sky clouded over my heart * Don’t look at me that picture must go the last memory of love burned out long ago * turn the lights offContinue reading “Turn off the light when you go (poem)”

Remembering… Her (One ShotWednesday)

Watching… He stood on the edge never again to hold her nor call her “mine” * Yearning… for arms never again held lips never kissed * Cringing from memory of loss the day he pushed her away * Remembering… days he called her held her close before he Left … Photograph by my talented friendContinue reading “Remembering… Her (One ShotWednesday)”

Turn Around (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

Don’t call out my name reach for my hand let me walk take a stand Leave Go away don’t say those words I grapple  each day with the sting inside of me Now turn around the final time Tears of yours merge with mine The dance of love is  intricate, flowing, and sometimes stopped mid-stream.Continue reading “Turn Around (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)”

Lord Tennyson I’m not

Tennyson put it this way: I hold it true, whate’er befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; ‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all. I’m reading this and thinkin That Lordy T – he wasn’t!!!: So Lordy Listen here- gonna give it to you straight gotta hearContinue reading “Lord Tennyson I’m not”

Whatever it takes (Flash Fiction)

“Welcome to Heartless House,” the publishing rep said. “We are confident that you will be one of our brightest stars.” “Thank you,” she sighed as she clutched her manuscript close. What he didn’t realize was each printed word was a drop of blood from her broken heart. “Yes” she smiled “it makes a great story.”Continue reading “Whatever it takes (Flash Fiction)”


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