Sea Calling Me #poetry #photography #tanrenga

sculpture - Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
sculpture – Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
echoes of the past
resound into the present
a dream of the sea
(c) Off The Tippet
ripples caress my bare feet
I hear the shell calling me
Reflection: You can leave the sea but the sea is always part of thee…
Today the Carpe Diem Tan Renga challenge comes from the beautiful haiku by Off the Tippet

The First Step #flashfiction

Maui from Mauna Kea by Douglas M. MacIlroy

Across the seas I heard a call

I’d waited so long to hear

“Come follow me”

I climbed to the top of the world

“Follow me” I heard more clearly

there it was a pathway

billowy like new snow

rimmed in gold flecked blue

“the first step is the most challenging”

I heard a whisper on the winds

I had dreams each night of being together

now that the time had come  I was afraid

“you must believe there is a firm path”

Closing  my eyes, I reached my arms before me knowing the first step would hold the answers…

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