Feel the Stone #haiku


birchand stones

eyes long to touch

spring rain fills the earth’s cup

her long finger caress

There is something about a smooth stone that draws the eyes and the fingers to palpate the pulse of the smooth stone.

This haiku in response to the prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai




Pot of Gold #haiku #poem


Kristjaan Panneman takes a look at Kanshicho form of Haiku with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai:

“I will look at the separate “onji” of “Kanshicho” now and than I will try to explain what Kanshicho was meant to be.

Kan -> means: perception, expression

Shi -> means extravagance, pride, poetry

Cho -> means frivolity, number, butterfly
Kanshi -> means Chinese poetry

As I place those meanings together than Kanshicho means:

A poem in the Chinese way that expresses the extravagance and pride of the poet with the frivolity of the flight of a butterfly. And than Kanshicho starts to come to life. It’s an expression of something which is seen by the poet, a moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown in to water, in which he/she sees the extravagant beauty  and pride of nature. That extravagance beauty is caught in a three lined verse with the frivolity, (in my opinion frivolity means “not strings attached, free”) of the flight of a butterfly.”

So here’s my shot at unconventional frivolous haiku:

rainbowecho 3924852858_53e886bc91

I’ll never let go

rainbow caresses my cheek

your smile in my hands

Her Soft Caress to my Heart


Hold me for a moment

feel my warm breath

against your neck

hear me whisper

(something) softly

in your ear


I held her and felt

the faintest movement of air

I turned and knew

her words were

a soft caress


my heart