Two Ends of Life #death #birth #haiku #photography

awaiting birth light shifts on forest floor silent together * silent together hands held through the night his last breath   The prompt at Carpe Diem today is “Oneness.” I have just witnessed a wonderful oneness at the edge of death. What thoughts or images does the word inspire in you?    

Contemplating Selflessness #haiku #photography

she who risks her life seeking life in the snow mother’s warmth * warm your arms serving with no complaint broken, impatient  Each of us have been recipients of the selfless care of others. As I face surgery on Wednesday and more weeks of recovery from my accident, I am grateful to family and friendsContinue reading “Contemplating Selflessness #haiku #photography”

Dipping Into the Unknown #haiku #photography #eyesofachild

dipping in unknown my fingers long to feel what my heart longs for * what my heart longs for galaxy and more away beauty of beyond * beauty of beyond one can only imagine dipping in the unknown Have you ever had a longing for something you cannpt quite grasp or understand? Carpe Diem hasContinue reading “Dipping Into the Unknown #haiku #photography #eyesofachild”

Summer Rain Drops #haiku #photography

Shield me from the rain winds try to tear me from you soft green sanctuary * Soft green sanctuary broad green leaf hold fast the rain waiting for the sun * This post in celebration of the mid-summer rain known as Samidare inspired by Kristjaan at Carpe Diem photography “Leaf Drops” copyright.  L. Moon 2013

nature’s Inspiration #haiku #nature #photography

This haiku inspired by Kikusha-Ni, (this means ‘Hut of the Chrysanthemums’) and her haiku about the Tea Bowl: tenmoku ni koharu no kumo no ugoki kana in the teabowl this motion of the clouds of ‘Little Spring’ *** tea bowl of my world watery dance with nature shaking water drops Today’s prompt at Carpe DiemContinue reading “nature’s Inspiration #haiku #nature #photography”

Looking Back #haiku #photography #art

Today’s welcome inspiration –> Kyoshi Takahama and  shutting my eyes me tsumureba wakaki ware ari haru no yoi shutting my eyes I find a young me found in the Spring evening Look through time’s window she pours over Tolstoy hearing him not me * Silent I follow quiet footprints mark my path traversing life’s wayContinue reading “Looking Back #haiku #photography #art”

Love Beneath the Moon #haiku #moon

I fell deep in love by the shore beneath moon light a warmth that glowed * Emanating glow invisible arms did enfold Our kindled hearts * A fire was lit the moon smiled in approval a dance beyond time Can’t deny that the theme for Friday the Moon is my favorite 🙂 Thanks to KristjaanContinue reading “Love Beneath the Moon #haiku #moon”

Choc O Lot #haiku #chocolate

Creamy you flow a vat of  swirling brown gold mouth longs for a taste ** Mouth longs for a taste buttery creamy just one lick one never enough ** one never enough gaze into your chocolate eyes meet every morning   Thanks to Carpe Diem for the chocolate inspiration in haiku   somewhere in myContinue reading “Choc O Lot #haiku #chocolate”


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