Two Ends of Life #death #birth #haiku #photography

awaiting birth

light shifts on forest floor

silent together


silent together

hands held through the night

his last breath


The prompt at Carpe Diem today is “Oneness.” I have just witnessed a wonderful oneness at the edge of death.

What thoughts or images does the word inspire in you?



Contemplating Selflessness #haiku #photography


she who risks her life

seeking life in the snow

mother’s warmth


warm your arms

serving with no complaint

broken, impatient 

Each of us have been recipients of the selfless care of others. As I face surgery on Wednesday and more weeks of recovery from my accident, I am grateful to family and friends who are taking care of all the details in my life.

And thanks to Kristjaan for the haiku journey toward Selflessness


Dipping Into the Unknown #haiku #photography #eyesofachild

water child

dipping in unknown

my fingers long to feel

what my heart longs for


what my heart longs for

galaxy and more away

beauty of beyond


beauty of beyond

one can only imagine

dipping in the unknown

Have you ever had a longing for something you cannpt quite grasp or understand? Carpe Diem has a great prompt today “Longing for the Unknown”

Summer Rain Drops #haiku #photography

leaf drop

Shield me from the rain

winds try to tear me from you

soft green sanctuary


Soft green sanctuary

broad green leaf hold fast the rain

waiting for the sun


This post in celebration of the mid-summer rain known as Samidare inspired by Kristjaan at Carpe Diem

photography “Leaf Drops” copyright.  L. Moon 2013

nature’s Inspiration #haiku #nature #photography


This haiku inspired by Kikusha-Ni, (this means ‘Hut of the Chrysanthemums’) and her haiku about the Tea Bowl:

tenmoku ni koharu no kumo no ugoki kana

in the teabowl
this motion of the clouds
of ‘Little Spring’


tea bowl of my world

watery dance with nature

shaking water drops

Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem is the Tea Bowl inspired by Kikusha-Ni

Photography: “Deer” L. Moon copyright 2012

Looking Back #haiku #photography #art

Today’s welcome inspiration –> Kyoshi Takahama and  shutting my eyes

me tsumureba wakaki ware ari haru no yoi

shutting my eyes

I find a young me found
in the Spring evening

Look through time’s window

she pours over Tolstoy

hearing him not me


Silent I follow

quiet footprints mark my path

traversing life’s way

Thanks to Kristjaan who inspires wonderful haiku. Today is no except. Please go over to his site Chevresfeuilles Carpe Diem and see what I mean

Photographs: “Reading Tolstoy” and “Sandy Path” both these works are copyrighted by the artist (Clare 1981) and the photographer.

Use by permission only  L. Moon 2013

Love Beneath the Moon #haiku #moon

hubble moon

I fell deep in love

by the shore beneath moon light

a warmth that glowed


Emanating glow

invisible arms did enfold

Our kindled hearts


A fire was lit

the moon smiled in approval

a dance beyond time

Can’t deny that the theme for Friday the Moon is my favorite 🙂 Thanks to Kristjaan for the tireless work he has done in researching each Tarot card. Today ladies and gents we have the Moon!

Photography: The Moon shot is from the Hubble kindly provided by ESA

Choc O Lot #haiku #chocolate


Creamy you flow

a vat of  swirling brown gold

mouth longs for a taste


Mouth longs for a taste

buttery creamy just one lick

one never enough


one never enough

gaze into your chocolate eyes

meet every morning


Thanks to Carpe Diem for the chocolate inspiration in haiku


somewhere in my archives I have a picture of a vat of Ghirardelli’s chocolate from the factory in San Francisco where everything we make turns to gold.

Thanks to One Golden Ticket for the photo of the chocolate


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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