Crack in the Door #poetry #pain


darkness is cruel

eyes neither open nor close

no feeling in void


inanimate pain

screams stifled behind closed doors

you inflicted this


slap awakens

firefly moment so bright

pin holes of hope


eye’s revelation

light cauterizes split heart

awaits gold of day

dawn waves


Sharing with Poet’s United Midweek Motif – the prompt is Inanimate.


Oborozuki- Hazy Moon #haiku

first spring

hazy moon you rise

golden glow comes from within

to warm our cold nights


to warm our cold nights

your knowing  smile upon us

of days yet to come


of days yet to come

we toss in springs wakeful dreams

catch blossoms fall

The prompt for Carpe Diem – Hazy Moon. The moon is always a favorite prompt of mine especially a spring time moon.

Photography “First Spring” L. Moon copyright 2012

Love’s Sounds #poetry #haiku #music #photography


Let love speak my heart

what music does it sing

classical your notes


Classical your notes

a symphony of loves sounds

playing just for me


Playing just for me

you stroke the instruments chords

lead me as we sing

The prompt over at Poet’s United Verse First is Reaction. As a musician, I react (or respond) to music. Music evokes a feeling or a memory. Often I react with a song or harmony in my head.