Celebrate Poets #poetsday #poetry #poets


To poets near and far

the images you paint

with words and feelings

my reason taint

minds strive to think

hearts to moan

on cold nights

we shiver alone

the words you’ve penned

o’er centuries

palpate my heart

bring to my knees

soar high the earth

plunge in the deep

and with ink drops

a promise keep


“cheers to you poets

young, dead and old

to words you cherish

and those you’ve told

true to your task

forge on wordsmith

this of you I ask

and with your pen forever dip”



There are so many who have inspired: Edgar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath, TagoreCharles Martin, Pen of the Damned, Poets United, One Stop Poetry, Carpe Diem and oh so many more…

Regale the DAY!!!

Poet’s Day



Our voices echo, magnifying your arrival

In a drafty museum, your nakedness

Shadows our safety.

We stand round blankly as  walls

~Sylvia Plath

(Stanza from “Morning Song”)


The Poet Speaks… #poetry

There is a poet

who I’d tip my hat

but we live in this era

so that is that


where all we swallow

is political fire

his daily words

they do inspire


He paints and draws

his readers in

a subtle point

that speaks within


Don’t ever miss

the meaning penned

nothing poison

lies within


for poets have

a way you know

to touch the heart

and make it grow


I have a few friends who have profoundly influenced my writing. Charles Martin is such a man whose words speak volumes to those willing to listen. Thanks to the bold voice of poets today!

The Edge of Sanity (A Poem)

A white

searing light

is all that remains

of reason


Cling tight

to the edge

a mere breadth

of sanity


Perilously close

to the end of a mind

where raptor

swoop for the kill


The string is taut

that holds the key

will he

or won’t he






Do you ever read a word or a line and get inspired to write a piece?? I do. This piece was like a flash based on a line in my friend SLPMartin’s latest poem “Suburbia”

Thanks to Brenda Starr for the Key