The Water’s Will #haiku #photography

Intent on passage water’s surge at weakness stone cannot endure Haiku gives a place to explore the profound meaning behind words. Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem is “Willpower.”  photography: “Split Stone” L. Moon © 2013

Summer Rain Drops #haiku #photography

Shield me from the rain winds try to tear me from you soft green sanctuary * Soft green sanctuary broad green leaf hold fast the rain waiting for the sun * This post in celebration of the mid-summer rain known as Samidare inspired by Kristjaan at Carpe Diem photography “Leaf Drops” copyright.  L. Moon 2013

The Cool Path – (Suzushi / cool) #haiku #photography #summer

capture the cool scent summer’s storm not yet spent walk along the path * heat ripples in waves thunder booms in the background run as cool drops fall The prompt at Carpe Diem is Suzushi or cool/ coolness what we all seek on a hot summer day 

Looking Back #haiku #photography #art

Today’s welcome inspiration –> Kyoshi Takahama and  shutting my eyes me tsumureba wakaki ware ari haru no yoi shutting my eyes I find a young me found in the Spring evening Look through time’s window she pours over Tolstoy hearing him not me * Silent I follow quiet footprints mark my path traversing life’s wayContinue reading “Looking Back #haiku #photography #art”

Love Beneath the Moon #haiku #moon

I fell deep in love by the shore beneath moon light a warmth that glowed * Emanating glow invisible arms did enfold Our kindled hearts * A fire was lit the moon smiled in approval a dance beyond time Can’t deny that the theme for Friday the Moon is my favorite 🙂 Thanks to KristjaanContinue reading “Love Beneath the Moon #haiku #moon”

The Star in Her Element #haiku #stars #hubble

Silent is her pose await night’s darkest hour sweeping beauteous smile * Aura casts upon me darling of the universe glitter and glow * Sing in your frequency your own scintillating song endless twinkling notes These photographs are from the Hubble telescope. Click here to see more magnificent images provided by ESA and NASA DidContinue reading “The Star in Her Element #haiku #stars #hubble”

Ahhh The Lovers #swans #haiku #photography

The pas de deux dance of two moving as one swans in life’s waltz ** swans in life’s waltz gliding along in their lake blue glistens diamonds ** blue glistens diamonds her eyes sparkle at each thought his nearness quivers This month Kristjaan is using the Tarot Cards as prompts. Today’s prompt is the LoversContinue reading “Ahhh The Lovers #swans #haiku #photography”

Yaweh #haiku #light #photography

Yaweh- You are God your words spoken  through the light majesty is yours The prompt at Carpe Diem is the Emperor which is one of the Tarot cards. The emperor can also refer to God. Photography: “A New Day Beckons” L. Moon copyright 2011

Faded Rose #haiku #photography

Petals too soon fade a majestic perch no more relegated to stone This is my haiku in response to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem’s prompt for the dead chrysanthemum inspired by Kyoshi Takahama dead chrysanthemum and yet – isn’t there still something remaining in it?


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