Ripple #poetry #children

swishing water

all around

waves of colour

splashing sound

child’s smile

in the sun

rays of light

lapping fun

Observing children live life is one of the most calming and rewarding of activities. Watch a child play today…


The Boy Who Refused to be Sold #Ukraine #nonfiction

It was years ago now and hugs are just a memory.

There were street children in a world called Odessa. Each day there was a mother who flipped a coin:

Her raspy words “drugs or my child? “

Too often the drug addiction won and another child was left as refuse on a moon- lit sidewalk.

With no reform programs for the mothers or safe housing for the children, the children learned to survive in the sewers and under piles of debris .

Young men and women would go between the shadows long after curfew looking for children to help.

They carried satchels filled with sandwiches, blankets or coats.

This team learned to fit in with the homeless that frequented the night. It was the only way to avoid the mafia thugs.

“Wear your athletic shoes and be prepared for anything.” One of the team told me. “Always look for a way out. If we get separated, do not speak to anyone and wait for me to find you. You are very valuable to Mafia.”

There was still a golden glow in the sky when I met a boy of about 12 and his sister who was probably 9. She would only come part way out of the sewer pipe as I offered her a sandwich and a soft drink.

“She is scared.” The brother said.

We left them with an extra sandwich to share for later.

“They’ve only been on the street for a week or two. She won’t last.”

“you mean she will die?”

“No men will catch her and make her…”

“She’s a little girl!”

I wanted to take these children back home with me but there was no way to do that.

I met many youth that night. They were all males except that one little girl.

“My sistra is gone…” I felt the echo of so much loss.

Benjamin was the favorite of many on the street kid team. He was like a wild animal who wanted to be tame. He wanted love not a cage.

“Why can’t he talk?” I asked one of the team

“Benny is a smart boy and he learned fast from the older boys how to steal. Sadly they steal over-the counter drugs and make awful home brewed stuff. The drugs make them lethargic but the key thing is they start killing the brain cells. The Mafia is less interested in children with damaged brains. They are not so easy to sell on the market place.”

“Marketplace…” everything and everybody has a price tag to the Mafia.

“Benny is young but he learned that those drugs would keep him off the open market. Because he is smaller than the others, the drugs had a greater effect; they destroyed the speech center in his brain.”

The nurse in me wanted to heal Benny, The mom in me wanted to comfort him.

Every time I saw Benny, I brought him some special sweet and a smile. He started sitting next to me and holding my hand. I cherished that little boy. Sad that his mother got so strung out on drugs that she couldn’t see the beauty of her child.

When I left, I asked him to take care of a sweater for me. I also asked him to hand out sweets to his friends on special occasions.

This is a true story. I have taken out some of the more horrendous truths. As I have been writing a story about Ukraine, my heart was heavy for so many children who never had a voice in Ukraine and in other places…

Broken Not Forgotten #pain #poetry #photography

I couldn’t pull away today

your pain a wound made fresh

why not tear my flesh away

heart a tear stained mess

you tore the sinews of my heart

its that way for her too

my children look with longing eyes

brown eyes are turning blue

I couldn’t pull my heart away 

your pain is an old tune

he tore at your flesh today

child needs food at noon

we pull together from the shards

women torn by love again

 burden of a life so hard

because we trust in man

I couldn’t pull away today

I saw the break was fresh

put my hanky on your heart

well help you in this mess

turn toward a brand new day

for children you must stand

God will take care of you

He will always hold your hand

Women and children can easily be broken by relationships.

God promises that he will never leave us and He will never forsake us.

Put you hand in His. He shoulders the burdens of the downcast



Just One Cookie #Christmas #Joy

He really wasn’t a Scrooge he just didn’t like giving gifts.

He wasn’t a mean guy he just didn’t like people.

Then there came a day when a little boy maybe 2 or 3 rushed up to this man who had seen the underside of war and needed a bottle to sober him.

“Mister, mister please come look at the tree with me. I love lights.” Before the man could object the little boy grabbed the man and pulled him down the hallway toward the Christmas tree.

Many of the vets who lived at the hospital were sharing eggnog and cookies.

“I love Christmas cookies.” The little’s boy’s eyes lit up.

“Well let us have some then my friend.” The man’s face was less pinched.

I watched as my little boy sat on the lap of this man. He couldnt stop talkign and the man didnt seem to mind the chatter.

When we finally had to go, My boy said “same time next week?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

What would the world be without the joy, wonder and kindness of children?


” For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6

Wishing a Merry Christmas to Family and Friends near and far!!!!

i remember when… #childhood #worldteachersday2020

I felt so big

then I opened my eyes

a wheel so large

it touched the sky


called sand


through my hand

I sang a song

the trees sang along

my teachers

and I

we made


Remember back to when the clouds were so puffy you believed they were cotton balls or better yet cotton candy. Too soon we lose the wonder of the beauty of life and we are often left with bent perspectives. Blue is now grey and a smile is a frown. Teaching keeps the heart young and bubbly all because of … The child

Child’s Play

photo attribution: “The Ferris Wheel” 2016 and “Child’s Play” 2013 © Moon dust designs

If you can Thank A Teacher today on World Teachers Day 2020, they bring awareness and light to the mind of a child.

Butterfly Fever #covid19 #children

Bethany has been sick with butterfly fever. No one knows how to take care of this. She does not want me to get it though I don’t think a lion can get a butterfly sickness. She is in a butterfly tree -all alone.
At first I was afraid and reminded of how lonely I was without my family. But then I heard a kind voice in the breeze.

“Judah be strong and of good courage do not fear nor be afraid of these things.”
“But how can strength and courage help when my best friend is very sick?”
“The Lord God goes with you (and with your friend). He will not leave you alone. He will not forsake her.”
“So right now God you are taking care of Bethany for me?
“Yes, Judah it is in my promise.”
“I guess courage can sometimes mean we trust God not ourselves. This butterfly sickness has me worried, but you God are stronger than any sickness!!!”

We have friends right now in many countries. The US, Uganda, other parts of Africa, the Middle East.
Some of our friends (like Bethany) are sick and cant get to the doctor. We pray for them and the God who heals and preserves those who are weak that He will be there as He promises.

Other friends can’t get food even when there is supposed to be food given to them (even in the distant villages.)

And there are those who know of the needs who have hope and a little extra  food who are going to these remote areas.

Judah’s verse is found in Deuteronomy 31:6: “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Searching #poetry #art #elderlyissues #atozchallenge



Boys Wading


so easy when we’re small

no words need be expressed

I’m wading in the mud

and now I am depressed

I lost my very thought

went through my fingertips

a momentary drop

there’s so much I have missed


Searching when we are young seems part of the mystery of learning.

The discovery is part of the looking.

As we age it seems we search more and the lengthy discovery crescendos in frustration

So how do we as caregivers dial frustration down?

Don’t find the word that was lost look for it with your family member.

If it’s an object secretly bring it closely to them so they can “find it”

“Oh there they are” reflects a lighter tone than “I have lost my mind with my glasses.”

My response: “I”m so glad you found them. It would have taken me the rest of the day.” I smile understanding the art of losing things.

This photo of this beautiful work by artist Winslow Homer reminds me why we do it. We do it together ….


Photo:  Winslow Homer “Boys Wading” 1873 Smithsonian

What do you do when you lose something???