Looking Back #suffering #hope

Behind me

shadows of frozen pain

I choose to forget

It was many winters ago now. Life was empty and what little I had was slipping through my fingers. “You have cancer” were words I could not bear to add to my void.

The scepter of fear wanted to rob days and precious memories that might be the last with young children.

Hope comes in strange forms as does healing.

The hospital I was admitted to was an Oasis for those with little to cling to.

This week I lost my little sister to Cancer. Her fingers slowly lost grip of this life. She was cheerful at the end and surrounded by love.

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power.

~Hebrews 1:3

We have no control or our days or when they might slip away but we have a hope in Christ. He cures the sick, the suffering and the person in bondage.

In Christ Alone #easter #poetry

Who faithful carries burdens

who in love bore the cross

only one God’s Son

willingly paid the price

sin a heavy anchor

none can loose its chains

but by the eternal victor

 you are free from pain

why walk bent and broken

you can be set free

what a loving forfeit

Christ’s death on Calvary


Sins willingly bore

Risen no grave could hold

Jesus paid sin’s price



Despite Life’s Storms…Committed #poetry #haibun

forest path


One day from Japan to Guam, a P-3 crew of 12 flew into a tempest. In the face of death, some grasped for metal others crumpled straws; I held to confidence in my God. For hours we were tossed like a mere play thing; it seemed impossible that a craft could hold together against such force. As the storm lifted and just above the ocean we drifted, we beheld the most glorious image. All of nature awakened beneath a glorious, golden halo: Whales blew plumes of water, dolphins played on the surface, flying fish pirouetted in a dance with the waves.


eye of the storm

man clings to any hope

nature’s beauty emerges

I can’t paraphrase what the journey committed to God is like. For each pilgrim it is different. But this one thing I can say – no matter the sorrow, no matter the pain when the storm has passed there’s a beauty unclaimed.

The prompt at Poet’s United is “Committed.” What are you committed to no matter the cost?

“A Glimpse to the other side” is a more complete “story” that I wrote several years ago logging this day.


The Face of Passion #poetry #photography

The Road Ahead

Passion led

 man’s life to spill

His love

on Calvary’s hill

Passion fueled

an angry mob

insults and rocks

cruelly lobbed

Passion moved

the earth to shake

 sky grew dark

bonds would break

Passion cried

 in a tomb he lay

night filled hearts

but we await the day

This poem is in response to the prompt at Verse First/Poet’s United. The prompt is “Passion.” I don’t often write directly on my blog of my faith, but it is what holds me up on good days and on the very worst.

poets united

Photography “The Road Ahead” copyright L. Moon 2012


There are so many forms of rejection.

As a writer, the most common form of rejection is when your work isn’t picked out from among the crowd. Rejection in any form has a sting. No one welcomes rejections – that is a certainty.

Divorce is like a prism of rejection. There is so much rejection it gets flung into the environment  From a child’s perspective the parent leaves because they don’t love the child. In other words rejecting the child for greener pastures. Why? The child can’t understand why adults can’t be adult and get along or patch up their differences after all isn’t that why they are adults?

How many times does a guy or a girl feel rejection when the ax falls on the relationship? It can be too much – the prevalent thought – “No one will ever love me again.”  The rejection can be the knife that cuts through the marrow leaving a bleeding and wounded heart.

How do we deal with rejection?

Some people use rejection as an excuse for “getting even.”

A girl or guy, after a break up, may never look at a relationship quite the same. If pain comes at the end why enter into it at all. “Come on love is fleeting” some may surmise.

As a child, I learned  to mask my feelings of rejection by creating an impervious shell. The shell masked my feelings and kept people who wanted to love me out. After all I had learned that love hurts – why embrace something painful. I realize now that pain is part of life -being numb or apathetic closes out all the joys of life.

What can we learn from rejection?

Rejection happens but we don’t need to build a fort around our lives or try to protect our feelings center  to keep rejection from happening again. Rejection can make us more sensitive to others or very callous to others in pain.  Can we escape rejection in this life? I think not!

My daughter is auditioning for a summer musical. About sixty to ninety teens will audition for twelve lead parts. Some will experience the ecstasy of “you made it” but a much larger crowd will be asked to play bit roles and be the chorus. She nailed her audition and got called back. So now she will  be among twenty actors and actresses who will wait to get the thumbs up or the rejection call. As an actress, she knows part of the drama is the rejection in some ways making getting the part that much sweeter.

So what is the answer? Not being sensitive, not caring or is there something else that can sooth the savage beast of  rejection?

The Antidote to Rejection

I have a hero who dealt with rejection in an amazing way. He was ridiculed by family members, his culture, the leaders in his society. A friend turned him in to the local authorities on false charges – money was enough to turn this friend’s heart cold. My hero didn’t ridicule or spit out seething insults – he took the blame though it wasn’t his. He bore the pain of the multitudes.He loved those who hated him.

I realized through his example that the antidote to rejection is timeless – SELFLESS LOVE

Photo:Turning up roses by Todd Huffman (Creative Commons)


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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