Beneath the Tree #christmas #poverty #poetry

beneath the tree



at pictures

colorful memories

 early morning squeals

mouth-watering scents

and glittery anticipation

this year

tradition shattered

I  looked  at  pictures

tear  fused  with  the ink

unrecognizable monochrome blurs

replaced     the     jolly    scene

journey into


packages empty

the air was- the same

The  pictures  looked  at me

questions   disturbing   balance

where         are             the?

why aren’t there?

shaking my head

I tossed the picture beneath the space

where the tree would have been

I decided to write a series of poems in contrast to the traditional Christmas. This is written  from the insider’s vantage point.

What’s Beneath Your Christmas Tree? #poetry #dark

the ring

What will you find beneath your tree this Christmas?



 a wonderland of snow

gifts elegantly circled with red satin bows

8 knives for carving

1 rope for climbing


 a lifeless form

beneath the fresh-cut Christmas Tree

Read my “festive” poem “Beneath the Christmas Tree”  over at Pen of the Damned.

pen of the damned

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected #photography

Flowers blooming in late November?

San Francisco looks more like spring…

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Beautiful Decay #poetry #nature #photography

guilded leaf

Color extinguished
During your fall
Short  lived in ecstasy
Sprung forth withal

You rediscovered
In a pile of leaves
Unique  lacy shape
Beauty your dream

Who’d ever thought
At the end of life’s day
 loveliness captured
In a Christmas display

Photograph: “Guilded Leaf” copyright L. Moon 2012

Decorating the tree (Flash Fiction in 160)

Last of the ornaments on the tree

Each one hanging free

doll with miniature shoes

a choo choo too

“Please turn on the lights”

“We can’t the lights weren’t hung right”

This is no fiction – the lights usually put away correctly were wound the wrong way so our kids when putting them on started from the wrong end (not their fault). The tree looks great.

Each week Monkey Man hosts a flash fiction in 160. It’s fast, its fun, it’s fiction!

Thanks to Sociotard for the beautiful photo:


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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