Community #photography #poetry

Where people gather

spinning up and down

children’s laughter

smiling faces on a clown

festivities we gather near

food and drink

all are in good cheer

community we have

whether big or small

we celebrate

near the town’s hall

Today the Word Press Daily Post prompt is Community

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Sounds of Harvest #haiku #photography

fields await our hands

bountiful crops by our lands

sounds of harvest


bundles harvest show

community joined by work

autumn’s blue ribbon


Today’s kigo at Carpe Diem  is straw bundles

Photography © L. Moon 2013

A Poet’s Lasting Impression #tribute #memory #nwcu #photography #art

She left a mark

 unfading impression

though life has ebbed

words are her name


creative beauty soars

a star sings

shooting meteorite march

heavens proclaim


she left her mark

though never quite the same

her voice will ring

in many hearts

This  poem and photograph are placed here as a stamp. Her impression lives on in the memories of many family, friends and poets who knew Libithina. Please enjoy a moment taking in the words of this poet and I would encourage you to visit her blog to soak in more of her work

From Magic of the Faery Queen (an excerpt) Libithina -copyright 2011
Then come sparkling star
wakening sleepy fields
and rushing falls onto streams
where birds sing and call
a gown prepared of the finest
spun golden filaments
clasped in emerald
matching eyes of green
and slippers of softest moss
caressing your feet
Believing declare
no beauty to compare
Such is the Magic of the Faerie Queen.

Echo Breezes Universal (an excerpt)  Libithina copyright 2011

Enamoured, provokes a truth to prove not hide and trust
To take that chance
To make that move
Of ties that bind
Putting assunder
Breezes find that Universal Laws of love and truth
echoes forever

Times’ Stream (an excerpt) Libithina copyright2011

But what if there is never anyone
Waiting to see
Shades opening
soft gentle palms
Kindest hearts
Saplings grown
From twiglet borne
Letters boxed
Walks past
Remnants shared
Tweaks the real
Holding fast
To hopes that’ll last
Through time
pressed rose persuades
pervading structures
reaches, struggles to grasp
holding on to faith
will it last

Oh Libithina: for a moment I bask in the sunlight of your words.

You ponder life and the beyond and always end in beauty and hope amidst the struggles.

Yes – it will last dear light!


This is my submission for the prompt at New World Creative Union. We are encouraging creativity to be expressed for the memories of those we love and the impressions that last…

So Young #death

A child is lost in the flood but we do not forget…

I met you along the pathway one day

“death doesn’t hurt

it’s life that’s painful”

I hear you say

“Tell them I’m ok”

He spoke so wisely at the age of 10

Taken one day by an unsuspecting rise

the water became his world

I looked again

His smile so innocent

his gait unhurried

He had arrived at his final destination

If I could only look at life and death as he

“The waters may flood your life

they will not pull you under





He called over his shoulder

“It’s not my time ” I smiled

not yet…

This poem is a tribute to a boy who died one year ago when he was caught in a flash flood behind our neighborhood. His parent’s drive was lit by luminaries on Saturday the reminder from the community that we have not forgotten their boy.

Photography: “Path for a child” L. Moon 2012

Tattered and Torn #oneshotwednesday #abuse

Crouched in the corner

lights graze my form

front and center

small, faded, forlorn


What do they want?

no warmth, only spite

peering and prodding

no “endless delight”


Sucking the color

pulling apart

perfectly aimed

at the center of my heart


Any one there?

a moment to share

reach out a hand

you – do you dare?


I’m not diseased

just lost, confused

I was the kid

no-love, abused


Today is a day to share poetry at One Shot Wednesday. A time for creative expression and encouragement. Enjoy the art of poetry and a community of wonderful friends.

The Park Bench (adapted from Scarlet Letter Revisited)

She looked over her shoulder one last time. It was a long lingering glance on a park bench; their bench. She wiped the tear from her eye as she saw a tall man sit down. He appeared bent, burdened.


She clapped her hands in glee. “Mommy i can’t wait to get to the pony ride can’t we go – pleezzzzz.”

“‘Yes my dear let me finish packing our lunch.”

They were attending a lunch sponsored by the church in the city park. There would be games and prizes, clowns, ponies, balloons and cotton candy.

“Your type isn’t welcome here ma’am.” The gentleman smiled as he looked at the mother and daughter. “This here’s a church social.”

“Please can’t I ride the ponies and have some cotton candy?” the little girl asked trying not to cry.

“I’m sorry wouldn’t be right. They wouldn’t approve.” The man said glancing over his shoulders at a group of women in their Sunday best.

The mother and the daughter went to the far edge of the park, sat on a bench, and ate their lunch while many eyes peered scornfully.


The  girl,now a beautiful young woman, had learned how to navigate around the influential  people in their very small town. She wasn’t bitter. She just didn’t understand what the bias was; why people couldn’t like her.

“Please come to the movies. The tall young man asked her.” This was the twentieth time he had tried to ask her on a date.

She was tired of finding excuses to say “no.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to go out with him. It’s what the townspeople will say if they see us together.”  She sighed after setting the phone into its cradle.

“Yes I will go with you,” she said after the twenty-sixth call.

And so it began – lunches, trips to the beach, nights kissing under the stars on a park bench.

“Marry me and spend the rest of your life as my wife. Let me love you always.” he said as he held her close on their bench.

“Yes, my love.” She whispered into the misty night.

They were in heaven as they glided over the preparations and the anticipation of life together.

She had longed to be accepted by one person in society. It was enough to be loved by this man even if the rest continued to place the burden of unacceptance and reproach on her shoulders.

“You can’t marry her. Don’t you know who her mother is?”

“I’m not marrying her mother. She is sweet and innocent; the people have marked her without knowing her.”

“You will ruin our family’s good name!”

He would have easily endured the scorn had it been aimed at him once or twice. Everyday, at least once, his mother aimed her artillery at his heart. Everyday she spewed forth insults.

She saw that he was worn, unhappy. She clasped his hands as they sat on their bench. She gently took a tear from her eye and placed it on his cheek where it mingled with his own.

“My heart is broken and I see no way out.” He cried into the air.

She wrapped his fingers around a tiny box. “This is the only way out for us, my dear. I love you. Go find someone who will make you happy and accepted by society.”

She stood up. Not wanting him to see her heart breaking she ran to her car.


That day, years later, she saw him on their bench. Because he loved her so much he had taken on the pain and suffering that society had directed toward her. He was bent over looking like an old man with a heavy burden.

Theme Thursday is a great place to read and write short stories. Our prompt this week: Park

Join Us!

Simple Community

you sit so stately

surrounded by a sea of green

heather wafts in the breeze


the clouds create an almost somber tone

until the voices of children ring down the lane

and the clop clop of draft horses resonates in the air


you may be small

but you are so much more than size

love , kindness, and family flourish here


a people endure

and rejoice in each season of life

join us in the revelry

come celebrate


for today we will unite and be

bound together as a community

the people of the harvest

Llangollen Canal - North Wales

Infuse with HOPE (another “I” in a series)

Need for Hope

With all the stuff going on in our world, I was thinking about the need for Hope. I’m cheating a little with “infusing hope” – I know you will excuse the stretch. Hey infuse is an ‘I”!

Hope is not an easy concept to tackle (at all!!!) It’s abstract and hard to grasp on a good day.

Defining two words:

Infuse (verb) to imbue or inspire

Hope (verb) to believe, desire or trust

Hope – Why?

Why infuse hope? Without hope despair can tear at the strongest of characters. Each living Haitian needs hope. Why?  The man looking for his wife– even a shred of hope is keeping that man going. A mother is aching for the arms of her little one. She has an inkling of hope in the rescuers– in life…

The Haitian community has to have hope. They need to believe that the dust can be transformed into charming buildings with trees swaying in the back ground. They need to trust that children will play in the fountains; the marketplace will again be a place to share local gossip.

Without that hope, the people in Haiti will give up. Dirt will be layered on top of another layer – paradise will be gone.

The Infuse Part

How can we infuse hope into our community or in communities that are suffering around our world???

What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies? Are you adept in construction? Help someone (locally) whose house needs repair.  Are you creative? Maybe you could make goody baskets for shut-ins. I recently wrote a radio script about a woman, with cancer, who made encouragement baskets for people who were going through difficult times. Are you a teacher? Spend a summer in a third world country teaching English so others can get ahead.

Through my travels, I have friends around the globe.  When there is a tragedy, I can get money direct to people who need help rather than going through channels where everyone’s hands are out. So there’s an excuse to travel.

Don’t Give Up!

With the world and the economy  in a tailspin, how do we regroup? One earthquake area is patched up and a Tsunami tears through another island. An epidemic hits the world in a matter of months. It would be easy for  people to feel like throwing up their arms and saying enough! What more can I do?

Some people turn to God in situations like these others to good feelings some give to research or…

I have to hold on to the idea that there is a strong, omnipotent being who is taking care of me or I would not be able to get up from the next personal disaster.

Whatever your source of strength may be, don’t give up hope while there is still life to hope for.

Hands in the Community

Serving the needs of those in the community – essential.

Hands in the Community (HNC) is an organization in our area. The organization links people who have needs with people who can help meet those needs. In a time of economic crisis, there is not enough money to meet  the needs people have. But there are plenty of people who have hands and abilities.

The good news about an organization like this is the overhead is very low.  HNC has one paid staff person. They have not reached the year’s end but the current tally for goods and services is impressive. When you give $1 to the organization, $20 worth of goods and services are given. Not bad. I wish I could spend $1 at the grocery story and get $20 worth of produce.

The time has come for communities to once again “band” together. We all benefit when we work toward for the greater good. A community that cares will have less crimes, more productive students, and  people who care for each other. If you can, look for ways to help those in your community especially during the holidays.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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