Creating #art #haiku



Life begins

transforming energy

a mere touch


 Michelangelo’s  Art  of the Creation of Adam from and Michelangelo

Another delightful Carpe Diem prompt – “Creation”


Dream Worthy #King #haiku #photography

a dream

In the beginning

a world created

“it was good”


slander, hate, murder

light of perfection turned off

dark haze


silent words believed

held close to the heart

centuries old


written in stone

read in eyes young and old

carried by a wave


hands of time

seasons move along

many share a dream


Dr. King was a visionary who saw the world the way God had created it. Men were brothers with each other; there was no enmity. King had a dream to see wrongs righted. We celebrate this great man whose vision was given by God.

Sharing with Carpe Diem “Use a quote”

Poets United Equality in memory of Dr. King

… And You!!!!

I had a dream
of purple, blue

and you

I heard
a thousand
voices singing

and you

I felt
the misty
morning forest

and you

I watched
the forceful
ocean’s crashing

and you

I smelled
rosy fragrance
honey suckle sweetness

and you

I held
new life’s
trusting embrace

And You!!!

Want to thank Bruce McKay for this incredible morning shot


Piece of Forever (Thursday Poets Rally)


the beauty of life


jubilance in the trees

feel life

floating by on a wave

see warmth

as it flickers yellow-green


dew fresh rose


sea’s salty spray

smallest of  God’s creatures

smiles in it’s own way

Life dances and sings

for each new day

dance and sing with her

experience a piece of forever

Photography: Moondustwriter