Rise/Set #photochallenge #haiku

Palmetto rise

colors of the sun merge

Equator sizzle


I love sun rise and sunset. Different parts of the world have their own unique glow.


South Carolina sunrise, Ugandan Sunset, Santa Barbara winter sunrise


Happy Wednesday to WordPress Photographers as we enjoy Sunrises and Sunsets.


Fancy in Velvet #dailypost #poetry #Wish



Today is the day

I have been promised


for twenty-four hours

I have spent many nights


and I have finally decided

down to the last bow

what I would wear, where I would go

The dress is laid out

red, velvety and lacy

with a white furry bonnet

and soft wool gloves

black patent leather shoes

and just a dab of pink lipstick

I swirl about in the mirror

catching my reflection

giddy as a little girl

“Miss it is time to go…”

I hear the porter call up the stairs

I make a grand entrance on 100 marble steps down to the foyer

A carriage of four awaits

to carry me to an elegant spot for high tea

and there they are my friends

perched on top of satin pillow seats

their hands perfectly folded

they would gasp and smile

but each had a painted doll face

they couldn’t partake in this part of the dream

they could watch as I daintily took a silver fork

each morsel better than the last

and finally there it was

a cake with one shining candle

“blow it out, make a wish…”

I had already gotten it

“I want to be real for a day…”

I sighed, “Tomorrow,  it would be wonderful if I didn’t have to go back to being a doll…”

Photograph attribution.

The Daily Post writing prompt is Feeling Fancy.

What would you do??? You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

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Innovation Flys #aviation #photography #history





with history

causing our minds

to fly

upside down


Today’s WordPress Photography Challenge – Converge

The plane photographs are from the Air and Space Museum – Dulles

The Golden Key #fantasy #postaday #fiction

shiny key 1

I was a golden key

fashioned just after time was turned

and I knew I had a purpose

 but forgot all I had learned. 

I placed myself in large  hands

of those who perchance might  serve

but one after another

got what they deserved.

And so I hung despondent

 on a cold and lifeless  tree

hoping for an answer

and one that would set me free.

I heard someone so cheerful

but she was  so very young.

“What can a child do

when the others failed all and one.”

The sun hit just right

and she reached and stretched her hand.

She and I both surprised

for her height seemed to expand. 

“I heard a story once,”

her voice so sweet and low.

“Yes,grandmother knew it well.

A key with a golden glow.

I dont remember all

but let me linger now.

We will go back and see

what if time had cast a spell.”

So the girl and I sat

for a long and timeless while

but I really did not mind

she had such a winsome smile.

“Yes, I remember”

she patted me in her palm.

“You open up a place

by singing a forgotten song.”

She hummed and sang the songs

 all the ones she had been told

and as I watched before me

this small child got very old.

She held me and it warmed me

and I began to glow.

 A gnarled and weary door

in the tree began to show. 

“There it is in the middle”

a keyhole she did find

and I was oh so happy

to at last meet my own kind.

We passed through the door together

she transformed into herself

so fairy like her beauty

and I a greenish elf. 


Today’s Daily Post writing challenge asks the question:

You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?

I did not submit the following story today as it was an archived short story that I created as a continuation from an old Grimm’s Fairy Tale – The Golden Key was it’s title.

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photo_challenge – on-the-move #photography #poetry


 whether on the ground

or in the air

we grasp at flight

with color and flair


we move our wings

in play we dare

we fly our kites

our laughter shared


we live and love

nothing spared

 we touch the sky

with not a care


This week’s WordPress photo challenge is “On The Move.”

It’s hard not to think of children when I write about movement. What do you think of???

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Filtering your shots #photography #dphcallenge

Believe it or not each of those is a different filtering effect from Picmonkey.

I think landscapes can benefit from all these different filters.

I have to say I normally just clean up my shots with contrast and maybe a little more light.

Would love to know what filters you use and what photo-editing is the most helpful for your photography.

The WordPress Daily Post Photography 101 prompt for today was using filters. Daily Post has a challenge for everyone whether you get involved daily, weekly or monthly it’s worth a shot.

Travel with me #photography #poetry

All over the world

have I gone

each pin on the map

a smiling face

where you belong

your homes you opened

dirt floor or no

tiny rooms

on a small lift

you go

living with you

no matter no where

showed a window to love

generous people who cared

I have travelled all over the world. In many of my sojourns I have been welcomed into the homes of the people I have worked with. I have slept in a 1950 milk truck, the upstairs of a church, the dirt floor of an orphanage,..

Daily Post Prompt: If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go? Anywhere / the world is filled with gracious people with open arms.

Photographers, artists, Anywhere / the world is filled with gracious people with open arms.poets: show us TRAVELS.

Photography images the © property of L. moon 2013

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I remember… #writing #writingchallenge

bucket of tears

memories cascading over memories

caught in a 3 by 3 black and white image

toddling in white

the camera moves forward

or is it backward

capturing the larger scene

tears that fall like waterfalls

the smallness of her age cannot

gather the drops in her bucket

so she looks to the source

and smiles

sun beams radiate from her face

the tears continue to flow

but in that radiance there is a goal

the camera pans out further

a man carries off his belongings

in two boxes and a large suitcase

he doesn’t look back

at the toddler in white

or the waterfall

steam rises off his black car as he zooms away from us


years later my fingers caress the silk ties he left behind

to me that is hope he will return

she knows in her heart the date and occasion that each tie was given to him

but there are no more waterfalls

just a desert wasteland

of dried up emotion

my white togs grow grey with time

and poverty overwhelms us

and yet we are happy

in a simple world of black and white

brown and grey

the camera pans over a sea of paint

little fingers dabble

a woman’s hands portray life

on canvas after canvas

and life and hope and even a bit of love are reborn

upon a brush filled with color

the camera pans back

walls hold colorful beauty

eyes and smiles peruse the canvas

we still can’t always get enough money for clothing or food

but the stories on the paint filled canvases

are more



for this not so little girl

and her talented mother

This is an unedited freewriting exercise inspired by Krista at wordpress weekly writing challenge. The two requirements: write about a memory (starting with the words I remember), write for ten minutes.

Photograph: “Bucket of Tears” © L. Moon 2013


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Weekly Photography Challenge – companions #dogs #photography

There are those who love us and trust in us who never need to speak a word…


sleepyMiss Whit

Coffee Anyone

With our coffee cups they play

and bring endless smiles to our day

peacefully sleep in are arms

knowing we will keep them from harm

what they offer as a furry  friend

loyalty in which we can depend


photography: “Sleepy”, “Coffee Anyone” , “Miss Whit” © L. Moon 2013

Photo challenge – Curves #photography #country

This week’s wordpress photo challenge is curves.

horse tail 2LP Records

curly ques

I hear the lazy swish

as he swats away bothersome flies

scratchy sounds of an old LP

country music brings memories  smiles

 unheard voices in a garden old

the iron grate wears no disguise

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Faith & Entropy

Gud skaper noko nytt ved sitt Ord og sin Ande, vi kan ta imot det i tru og få oppleve at han gjer sitt verk med oss. Hans skaparkraft verkar konstuktivt i våre liv og skaper noko som er verdifullt for oss. Naturkreftene verkar nedebrytande, i fylgje entropilova, men Gud er Ånd og det som er født av hans Ande består. Jesu frelsesverk er fullbrakt og fullkome. Han er den siste Adam, som er ifrå himmelen og som for oss har vorte ei livgjevande ånd. Han gjev oss den Heilage Ande frå himmelen av berre nåde. Han gjev oss det evige livet.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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