Peony #poetry

peony wild flower farm

She comes to the party in her finest

walks with an elegant swoosh through the door

all about in formal black white attire

no one sees smile down-turned toward the floor

all eyes are on this girl,  filled with spirit

her feet are tired as she leaves the dance floor

all hearts filled with love for  Peony

pink fancy dress makes this girl whirl


dressed for a party

flamboyant  in the sunshine

all eyes on her

The prompt for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is Peony

Also sharing with Poets United – Poetry Pantry

Thanks to Wild Flower Farm for the photograph.


Eye of the Beholder #poetry #photography #art


I was born for the shadows

 form hidden by sepia day

… is in the eye of the beholder

do they really mean what they say?

catch me on the cold nights

basking in the sun

I and the moon’s reflection

dancers we are one

you can never touch me

but you can always try

reach into tomorrow

beauty is in the …

Moon light silhouette


I just found this wonderful Shadow Dancer prompt offered by Bastet at Mind love miserys menagerie. The photography (top) is by Nickolas Muray  . The photograph below is my shot of a whimsical sculpture in the National Gallery of Art.