Dance #children #atozchallenge



feet joyfully tap

vocal chords follow

babies wiggle their feet

boys jump in the air

hard not to move to the beat

we’re in church



place in my heart

sun rises with daily greeting

smiling boy


The prompt at the wordpress photo challenge is Smile. Our friend’s boy Danny is a constant joy. We always want to bring him home with us when we leave Uganda.



The Winery #poetry #haiku #harvest


long days of harvest

purple fruit  teases the sun

hands are stained


purple stained

children finger paint the scene

shoes off, wine poured


shoes on, wine poured

oak casks now silent

not too tired to dance

I was reminded of the harvest at a friend’s winery a few years ago. Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem prompt Vineyards

Cast Off #poetry #photography

Today I cast off my dreams

leaving them on yesterday’s wake

did I have the perfect form

or was I making a mistake


today I waded deep into sorrow

jigsaw puzzle pieces mismatched

wishing I could ignite the driftwood

you were reality’s dreadful catch


today I danced to a new beat

loosened my hair into the breeze

laughed away yesterday’s tight rope

casting-off from you an ease

surfing hmb

Dancing with a sax #poetry #music #photography

the sax

I needed to dance with a sax today
his warm deep tones
wiped the tear from my eye
I needed to dance with a sax today
forgotten I the reason why
I needed to dance with a sax today
he cast a spell 

I’m sure

I needed to dance with a sax today
cuz I’m barefoot
caressing the floor

I needed to dance with a sax today
I had almost forgotten how

I needed to dance with a sax today
sweet & sassy 
carried my blues far for now

I’ve been listening to tunes by Tom Cloverfield awaiting his new release of Ocean’s 2 on March 1. Music soothes the savage beast and the disgruntled, one winged poet.

The World in an Imagination

She lives between the forest

the twilight, the moon

and the fragrance of dawn


She dances in the sunlight

The air catches her dress

and suspends her above the clouds

she is whimsical and jubilant

never fears the dark


eyes sparkle like rays

when her ears catch a tale

of pirates and wizards

fairies and kings


The world is a pearl

meant for her

to sit  regally upon

as she imagines

where she will travel this day


thank you Gardengeorgie for the perfect photo