Winter’s Demise #haiku #zansetsu

remaining snow

What now remains

dusting of  glorious past

the winter’s demise


the winter’s demise

none weep over your passing

as white turns to slush


as winter turns to slush

we sing of  new days ahead

look not to what’s spent


Jisei nado, Zansetsu ni ka mo
 “ A parting word?
The melting snow is odorless”

The prompt from Carpe Diem is Zansetsu “Remaining Snow”


On the Edge of Darkness #poetry #photography

painted trickle

I stand on the edge

where  darkness

with a forked tongue

licks at open wounds

into my weakness plunge

I stand on the edge

where  darkness

grasps at my open cloak

causing me to fail

bruising my last hope

I stand on the edge

where  darkness

stealth it lies in wait

comes with razored teeth

knowing I’m the bait

I stand on the edge

where darkness

seeks for my demise

swarming to my end

disgusting are it’s lies


The Ides of March #juliuscaesar #flashfiction #idesofmarch

A day of reference in the Roman calendar like the Kalends or the Nones except in this case a day where one man is plagued by prophecy…

“What does a mere mortal know about life or death?” Julius grimaces

“He will believe he is safe with us. Let’s make his last moments memorable.”  The best of the ’44 is poured.

Friday Flash Fiction (hosted each week by the G-Man) is a fun and challenging way to put your skill to the test by writing a story in 55 words. Happy Ides of March to one and all.