Blown Away (by people in the Social Media Networking Arena)

Amazing people in the Social Media Networking Arena:

Gotta say to all the Social Media movers and shakers out there – You are Amazing!!

When I started with the Networking craze – I was skeptical.

In the beginning:

I was wondering if I was spitting in the wind or worse talking to myself.  I was!

Twitter – at first I had five followers. For goodness sake why would anyone want to follow me?

Moondustwriter’s Blog- Are you kidding. I write but so do a million other people – and from what I have seen there is some incredible talent out there. Why those people like (Oh sorry won’t name names) aren’t on the NYT best sellers list has my mind in a tangle. The thought that people would come to my site and actually read a poem that I wrote or a blog that I concocted is inconceivable. And – they do it everyday!

Now it is possible that there is a room full of bots that sit all day and take hits on my site. So far no bot has made a comment though.

My opinion is worth___:

Lately I am having people ask me my opinion on writing, poems, does their outfit match (I’m serious).

You gotta be kidding – I guess not. There must be a reason all the seniors at the university asked me to proof their papers before submission. Why Doctors have asked me to review an article before submission. Must be my perfume – eau de editor.

The bottom line:

I am blown away by the talent, humility, and kindness of the people I interface with. Writers most but techis, artists, clowns (Claude, Luke and Derek I am not talking about you). All of them are trying to get their name out there but they are friendly and take the time to lend a hand even to a teenage kid just starting out.

So to all of you Social Networking friends – I applaud YOU!!!

Photo: Stonehenge – L. Moon

Icons – by Webtreats


Dickens – ya’ Digg?

What would writers of old do with this new technology?

What would Victor Hugo have thought of Twitter? Would he be following 10,000 by now or would he say “the ____ with those bird people.”

One of my favorite writers is Dickens. What the Dickens would he do with Tumbler other than to mix a drink? His sole use for Digg[ing] would be burying a character.

I’m certain Tolkien studied webs to get  Shelob’s lair just right. Would he take time to study – or surf the Web?

George MacDonald, a pastoral writer in the 18th century, would not understand how to write about clouds today. His clouds traversed the heather hills of Scotland.

What are today’s  writers  to do?

As a writer I ‘m told get yourself out there, become a social media maniac. I used to be a nocturnal writer now I’m a nocturnal tweeter.

Remember when windows were something you opened to let a soft breeze into your room? And a posterous would be a misspelling of something following you.

What about when you told your significant other I need “my space.” “Well honey go right ahead the computer is all yours.”

I guess a Facebook would have been one of those picture books you could stick your face or your kid’s face in.

I was talking to Derek Haines (who always manages to get named in my blogs) ; we were talking about a joint effort – in the 60s you know where that would have gone.

Do you know I am forgetting how to spell. I spell:  “great” – Gr8 ; “by the way” – BTW; ” lost in the fog” – LITF!

I’m a stickler for correct spelling but soon  my goldfish will have better spelling than me.

If I’m going to digress, I might as well share my favorite – Delicious. We used to go to the ice cream parlor get the works with gobs of stuff on top and that was delicious! How can something you can’t taste be delicious? Though some may have learned to transcend space and time and slip into a cyber world with delicious stuff – I haven’t learned that trick.

Can someone  please tell me how I can get out my window into the~ “real time?”

photo:  lanchongzi (license creative commons)